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Only through a Rebuttable Presumption argument. see link

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A marriage that stays for five years or less is considered a short term marriage in Tennessee.

No, the marriage is not taking place in Tennessee and is therefore not under the laws of that state.

No, He has a moral obligation to support his child financially and emotionally. Unless his income has decreased support should remain the same.

I think NO because it is a Florida marriage license not Tennessee

A marriage that stays for more than 10 years is considered a short term marriage in Tennessee.

The marriage is of no effect and the person may face criminal charges.

Not under the Maryland Guidelines, but an argument can be made using a Rebuttable Presumption. However, that's a two way street and can be used to lower the payments. see link

Typically courts will not penalize a child by reducing support payments because a parent has had another child because this is not seen as being in the best interest of the child.

There is no penalty for legally performing a same-sex marriage in Tennessee.

No, in the U.S. the children of a first marriage take precedence in regards to child support. The law assumes that a person remarries and the person who becomes the new spouse accept the obligation for supporting all previously born children. Although this often institutes a hardship on second families, it is still the choice that a new spouse makes when marrying someone who has such obligations as child support and/or spousal maintenance (alimony).

Same-sex marriage became legal in Tennessee on June 26, 2015.

Yes. Same-sex marriage is legal in Tennessee effective June 26, 2015.

No. A marriage equality bill has never been introduced in the Tennessee legislature.

Yes. They can not remarry in the church though unless the previous marriage has been annulled.

Baptism,Confirmation,Matrimony and the Holy order are the sacraments that can't be repeated.Correction:Marriage can be repeated if a spouse dies and the survivor remarries.

Yes, a woman can continue to draw Social Security benefits from her ex-husband's work record if the previous marriage lasted at least ten years, and she remarries at age 60 or later (50 or later, if disabled).

Marjorie Hood Fischer has written: 'Humphreys County Tennessee marriage records, 1861-1888' -- subject(s): Marriage records, Genealogy 'Haywood County, Tennessee marriage records' -- subject(s): Marriage records, Genealogy

No, the Tennessee supreme court has not ruled on the constitutionality of Tennessee's ban on same-sex marriage.

Yes. There is no law preventing marriage between first cousins in Tennessee.

You have it executed by the officiant, the parties and their witnesses. It is then returned to the courthouse and they will issue a Certificate of Marriage.

Yes. Effective June 26, 2015, same-sex marriage is legal in all US states and territories, including Tennessee.

Yes, in Tennessee a spouse is responsible for debts that occurred during the marriage. An attorney can help you understand the law and what debts are payable by each party.

Yes, homosexual marriage is legal in all fifty states, including Tennessee.

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