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Remove the door panel and check to see if the motor is getting power through the switch - if so motor is bad If it is not getting power "jump" the wires on the switch

Look for an open wire - may be located in the door jamb where it flexes

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Pontiac firebird 98 power window doesnot work well?

Change the motor. These cars are notorious for this.

How do you remove the passenger side power window switch?

On most cars it just pries out of the door handle. Be careful not to break it.

How do you fix a 1998 VW Jetta power rear window that does not work?

some times the window motor sticks lack of use i work on used cars so before i take it apart i push the switch for down and with a open hand i bang on the outside of the door

In your 1995 Jag XJS when you push the driver side window switch nothing happens Do switches go bad?

on most cars this is most likely the WINDOW MOTOR, But on the JAG. It is most likely the SWITCH, Yes switches go bad on ALL makes, especially when they do not get used very much. Jamison. Power window switches can be found on eBay and at Rock Auto for under $10.00 each (new).

Is there a fuse that powers the rear window on 1995 4runner?

No there is not a fuse. The motor for the power windows could be going out. It happens all the time in middle aged cars.

Does the solenoid control the electrical system for the car?

No a solenoid switch (full name) does not control a cars electrical system. The solenoid is an electrically operated switch that sends power to the starter motor which in turn cranks the car's engine to start it. The reason a second (electrical) switch is needed to crank the starter motor, is that the starter motor requires such high voltage that the key would melt if all that power were to run through it. In other words; When you turn the key you are sending a small amount of power to the solenoid switch which in turn sends a large amount of power to the starter motor.

Passenger power window on 1986 Thunderbird does not go up Why?

Typically the cause of a window not rolling up or rolling up slowly is a bad motor, especially if the car is old and the motor has never been replaced. However, there are several other possibilities such as faulty wring, blown fuse, or a bad switch. Faulty wiring is easily checked with an ohm meter. A blown fuse is also easily checked by checking the fuse controlling the windows on your fuse panel. Another possibility, which is often the case in 90's Ford cars (though perhaps not for the 86 T-Bird), is the passenger side window switch is dead. If it is then the window will not roll down AND it will not roll down if you are using a switch for that window on the drivers side (if your car is equipped with two switches for the passenger window). On the 85 T-Bird both switches are on the same connection. If this is the case for the 86, then this is not the problem. However, you might want to check the switch anyway, because taking the door panel off for the 80's t-birds to get at the window motor is a pain. == == == ==

What number is the fuse for window on a 1987 BMW 325?

The fuse for the power windows is #17 and is a 30 amp fuse. On some of those cars there's also a rectangular white switch on the center shift console above the passengers side window switches that shuts off power to the windows when depressed.

Why do you need to switch to electric cars?

You should switch to electric cars because there cheaper to drive and they have zero emissions. The electricity created to power electric cars also is less pollutant then gasoline vehicles.

How do battery cars work?

They use the DC power from the batteries to run an electric motor to power the vehicle.

How do you remove heater motor?

first remove the window wiper arms then remove the plastic trim this will reveal the heater motor, then unclip the electrics and the unbolt the motor (on some cars you have to remove the wiper motor to take out the heater motor)

Do they make window shades for cars?

They do not make window shades for cars.

Is it possible to raise the window now that the motor has stopped working?

on most cars no, but usually the motor fails gradually and will slow down the worse shape its in. if it still buzzes you might be able to help the window up by gently lifting the glass as the motor struggles to lift it.

How are solar race cars powered?

Power from a light or the sun strikes a solar panel. The panel converts the light into useable power to operate the cars motor.

Remote will not unlock all the doors on a seat leon?

have you changed the window regulator motor? It happened to me when I changed the passenger window regulator motor, my Leon was a 00 and the window regulator motor was a 02 model Leon and it wasn't communicating with the cars CPU properly so had to get another one second hand from a crashed 00 Leon

When was Cars Hiss by My Window created?

Cars Hiss by My Window was created in 1971.

Power windows not working on 2002 Camaro?

it is most likely the power window motor. they really only seem to last several years. I do NOT suggest getting rebuild motors. I bought 2 rebuilts last year and got less than a year out of them. pay the extra and get the new ones.AnswerThey just need to be replaced...Our cars are known to have Crappy power window motors. Answereither the switch is dead the wiring went bad or the window motor itself is dead check all three and replace what's needed AnswerMay be motor or short in wiring. Camaro's are notorious for both. For all of the previous answers, they are all based on "shotgun" service,,,,Replace the part and hope that is the problem.If all of the power windows are not working, look for the common source---relays, fusible link, fuses.

What supplies power to a starter in an ignition system?

In most common starting systems for gas (and, for that matter, diesel) powered vehicles, when the ignition switch is turned to the "start" position, several things happen. The combination ignition/start switch has multiple contacts: some allow electrical power to go to various accessories, some provide power to the ignition system, and others allow power to flow to the starter system. The switch itself does no carry the high current necessary to power the starter motor. Instead, it typically will allow power to flow to a "starter relay", which is a kind of electrical switch. The electricity from the switch energizes a relatively small electromagnet which is used to operate a much larger set of contacts. These larger contacts then carry the high power used to operate the starter motor itself. Of course, newer cars are somewhat more complex. In most newer cars, the start logic is controlled by the cars' computer, and the ignition switch is simply used to tell the computer that someone wants to start the engine. The computer looks at several different things, including the cars' security system (is the correct key or electronic fob being used?), but once it's satisfied, it then sends power to a starter relay, which then allows power to flow to the starter motor. (By the way, the various hybrid models are even more different, and should not be included in this description!)

Why wont your starter disengage even with the key off?

Your cars starter motor is wired directly to your cars battery. A relay,operated by the keyed ignition switch closes this curcuit thus engaging the started motor. If the relay fails in the closed position, the starter motor will remain powered until the battery runs flat or the starter motor burns out. Hope that answers the question Your cars starter motor is wired directly to your cars battery. A relay,operated by the keyed ignition switch closes this curcuit thus engaging the started motor. If the relay fails in the closed position, the starter motor will remain powered until the battery runs flat or the starter motor burns out. Hope that answers the question

Where can you find the power window wiring diagram for a 1987 Chevy Suburban?

A person can find the diagram for the power window wiring in this cars maintenance manual. It can also be found in the repair manual to this car.

Could an ac motor power an electric car?

Technically YES. But the source of power in Electric cars being DC through batteries, the motor must be DC and not AC.

What is an automatic shutoff switch?

Its a fuel cut switch for theft deturrent or a main power cutoff to preserve batteries in race cars for example.

Can the power steering switch leak?

when it comes to cars if it there is liquid ther it can leak. so Yes

Why does your cars air and heat only work on full blast?

Either the blower motor resistor went bad or the blower motor speed control switch has gone bad.

99 ols silhouette heater switch only works in position 4 and 5 Is the switch bad or something else?

On most makes of cars this problem is fixed by replacing a blower motor resister and not the switch.