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Power windows not working on 2002 Camaro?

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November 12, 2012 12:58AM

it is most likely the power window motor. they really only seem to last several years. I do NOT suggest getting rebuild motors. I bought 2 rebuilts last year and got less than a year out of them. pay the extra and get the new ones.


They just need to be replaced...Our cars are known to have Crappy power window motors.


either the switch is dead the wiring went bad or the window motor itself is dead check all three and replace what's needed


May be motor or short in wiring. Camaro's are notorious for both.

For all of the previous answers, they are all based on "shotgun" service,,,,Replace the part and hope that is the problem.

If all of the power windows are not working, look for the common source---relays, fusible link, fuses.