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Your Dentist can extract it either way. The dentist can extract a tooth even if it's not completely erupted. Sometimes wisdom teeth do not erupt completely from lack of space or other reasons. They become partially impacted, staying stuck in the gum, and they need to be extracted without waiting for them to come out more.

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Q: If one of your wisdom teeth just started growing out do you have to wait until it is fully out to get it removed?
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Laugh Your Way to Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Not everyone has their wisdom teeth removed. If you do have to have your wisdom teeth removed, find a doctor that knows what they are doing and try to get them all removed at the same time. Most doctors will use laughing gas for sedation. Some doctors will put you fully to sleep to remove the wisdom teeth. Recovery is about three to four days with a soft diet.

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When do you get your wisdom tooth taken out?

After they are fully grown in and your dentist approves of it.

What happens when your back tooth grows into your gum?

It's probably your wisdom teeth. You should see the dentist about it if it becomes painful and bothering. My ones only started growing but they hurt so much! The dentist suggested I use some painkillers and I have to wait until it's fully grown so that it can be pulled out.

How long does it take for one wisdom tooth to fully grow?

it takes a while

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I assume you mean, why do you have to get wisdom teeth out...or else why do you get gassed to get wisdom teeth out. Answer to one: You get wisdom teeth out because they are messing up the alignment of your permanent teeth, causing you discomfort, have cavities (me), or your mouth is not large enough to accommodate them. Answer two: you get gassed so that you are not fully aware of the cracking, drilling and general pain of getting wisdom teeth out. Essentially it is to make you more comfortable and compliant so that you do not freak out on the dentist or surgeon (I would have done that, I had IV sedation when mine were removed).

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Can I keep my wisdom teeth?

You can and should keep your wisdom teeth if they are not problematic. Any surgery carries risk, and the American Public Health Association recommends that asymptomatic wisdom teeth be left in, even if partially or fully impacted (i.e. if partially or fully covered by the gum). However, people very frequently have them removed to preempt problems that can occur. Wisdom teeth, also called the third molars, are generally nonessential in modern life. They can crowd out other teeth and can be difficult to clean, resulting in infections and cavities in those and nearby teeth. The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons recommends that patients who have familial history of issues with the third molar should have them removed as those with familial history are more likely to develop problems. When in doubt, consult your dentist: x-rays can tell you whether you are likely to need to have them removed or if you can leave them alone.

How long does it take for a wisdom tooth to grow through the gum?

5 years for them to fully grow through! 5 years for them to fully grow through!

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