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only if they want to give you have of the money. but dont ask for it you never now wat they are going to spenad it on

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Q: If one spouse receives money from a will Can the other spouse get half the money?
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When a will states a person who is deceased as the beneficiary who receives it the spouse of the deceased or their children?

Typically the results will be that the money will be split in half, one part to the spouse, the other half to the children. Consult an attorney in your jurisdiction.

If one spouse is sued is the other spouse responsible too?

I think that the other spouse is untitled to half of what the two had together, which includes the amount of money.

If no will was made who receives the estate the wife or children?

Yes. In most cases the government splits the estate in half and gives half to the spouse and half to the children.

Does a spouse have a legal right to half of the other spouse?

Yes. in the state I live in.

If a spouse is willed money from a sibling after he or she is married is the other spouse entitled to half?

The money is left to the beneficiary as an individual. The individual can opt to "comingle" the funds, in which case the spouse has rights. If they put it aside into their own bank account--one without the spouse as a co-owner--then the funds belong to them alone. There is no right or wrong choice, except for the spouse to insist.

The first place winner receives half of the prize money The second runner up receives one of what the winner won What was the total amount of prize money distributed if the winner received 6000dollars?

Does a spouse have a legal right to half of the other spouse's paycheck during marriage or separation?

Yes. I live in a right to work state.

If you are Married Filing Separately can you each deduct half of the property tax?

Maybe. If each of you paid one-half of the property tax, then each may deduct one-half. A deduction may be taken only by the person who was required to pay it and who actually paid it. If only one spouse paid the property tax, that spouse may deduct it. If one spouse itemizes deductions, the other spouse must also itemize, even if the first spouse is entitled to all of the deductions; i.e., the other spouse has few or no deductions.

What rights do you have to your fathers estate in Texas when there is no will and he has remarried?

The community property will be split in half, half for his spouse and the other half for his children. The separate property, if any, will go to the children, with 1/3rd going to the spouse. And the spouse will have a life estate in 1/3rd of all real property with the remainder to the children.

Is it legal to disinherit your spouse in Colorado?

In Colorado, you cannot disinherit a spouse. A spouse who receives very little under the terms of a will can make a claim for an elective share instead. The elective share for any surviving wife or husband will depend on the length of the marriage and reaches a limit of about half of the estate for marriages of ten years or more.

What is the other spouse is intieled to?

A spouse is entitled to half of all assets in a marriage. The only way around this is to sign a prenuptial agreement before getting married.

If your spouse is not on your credit card is she responsible?

Half and half.