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The illegal can get a green card after marriage. If they came into the country legally, and just over stayed there visit they can do that. If they came into the country illegally, then they might be better off leaving and going back home. Then they can get a fiance visa. They can then come back into the country and have 60 days to get married. This way it looks like they never broke the law or entered illegally in the first place. If they file for residency or green card while they are here illegally, they will most likely be deported and sent back home with little chance of filing papework to get back in, because now the US government knows the story. This way may cost more to go back home, but it's playing it safe. You risk not getting married if you file the I-103 i think the form is.If caught after marriage, while still residing in the US illegally, The person is also liable for criminal charges of:Falsifying documents (Marriage licences state: Legally residing in...)Attempting to gain US Citizenship under false pretenses.

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You should've applied for citizenship when you were married. What you need to do is obtain a visa. Now, since you were here illegally for 10 years, I'm not sure if you can apply to be a citizen yet, because you came here illegally. Read the United States government site to find out IMPORTANT information.

I have more of a comment: I noticed in my research that it seems harder for a person who was brought here as a child when they had no say than for and adult who is here illegally. Why are there more ways for a CAnadian to be here legally than a Mexican national. Especially, ones brought here as children.

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It depends on when you got married. Did you spouse file papers with immigration, before you were married? Do you have a lawyer? Did they pay their fines for coming here illegal, get a physical, etc..... Also they changed the law in 2001, if you go married recently, your spouse will have to return to Mexico for at least 6 months, with a year being more likely. They would have to stay until they are approved.

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It means 'no more data to read in this file'.

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If the person in the U.S illegally he cannot file a lawsuit for something he is not entitled to, due to the fact he was illegally employed. Likewise, the employer may find themselves in legal difficulty as well as the undocumented foreign national. For more information on the procedure for reporting persons who are unlawfully present in the U.S. consult the United States Citizenship and Immigrantion Services website, or Immigration and Customs Enforcement,

No, you cannot have more than one file in the game. If you want to start a new file, you'll have to overwrite the file that you currently have.

More. Because a lot of them illegally in the US.

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From my understanding it would be better to get married here in the US. Don't send him back for the fiancee visa because they take about 6 months or more to process before he can come back over. It's better to go ahead and get married. Once married start the process with an Immigration attorney. It'll be easier for you to keep him in the country simply put. His job has done an audit and says they need documents showing he can work here, he is illegal so I think he needs to go back to Mexico and i can file a fiancee visa, but am unsure if we should marry here in united states or start from the beginning

As far as i know - deportation and you wont be able to come back for at least 5 years. But - the chance they will catch you is not that big, if you are carefull They'll will deny you any visa for 3 years if you stayed illegally in the U.S for 180 days to a year; 10 years for more than a year illegally.

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You don't. The Real ID Act was created to keep people such as yourself who are here illegally from obtaining government issued id.

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You can try to apply for your spouse. However, because he was here illegally, more than likely they will deny it. Then you can do a waiver of extreme hardship. You have to provide documents showing illnesses and all aspects that will prove the need to have your spouse, yourself, and your child in the United States. I hope that helps a little bit.

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