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Because your body represents a temple where the Holy Spirit resides, and you are not to violate it in any way by cutting symbols or letters into it. Secondly, any voluntary act of cutting yourself and releasing blood can invite demonic entities into your life. This is why it is an abomination in the eyes of God.?

Also, this is seen as idolatry, when you read about Jezebel and how the priests cut themselves to worship their gods, you'll get a deeper understanding as well.


Unfortunately, The Bible is left open to many different interpretations. Some people may view tattoos or piercings as a distruction to God's temple, but I don't believe it is. (As long as the tattoo isn't vulgar.) Many strong Christians have tattoos or piercings.

GOD LOVES US NO MATTER WHAT. A picture on your skin isn't going to change that. As you said, only your soul goes to heaven. God doesn't judge us by our clothes, hair, skin color, shape, tattoos, or piercings.


It doesn't matter what people or even Christians think concerning tattoos and/or piercings, as we are only held accountable to God, and He has said that Christians are the temple of the Holy Ghost, and that should be enough for anyone to stop thinking about getting tongue piercings and tattoos.

It doesn't even matter if you are a "strong" Christian, or even have a "Christian" tattoo as everyone who looks at you will think that you are the same as those bikers, including the Hell's Angels. Speaking of which, do you think that they are strong Christians, too?

It used to be that tats and tongue rings were only on national "too graphic", but I guess we, as Americans, have become as bad as they are, with our rituals and lifestyles.

Ignorance of the Bible Perhaps?

Isaiah 49:16 Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.

If God did it to the palm of His hand, then it must be OK.


Where does it say that a tattoo or piercing is a destruction to "the temple of the Holy Ghost"? That is an opinion. There is no where that it says that tattoos are a ruining "the temple." Maybe they're just decoratingthe temple.

And only ignorant, narrow-minded people still view tattoos as only being for bikers. They have nothing to do with Hell's Angels.

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Q: If only your soul goes to Heaven when you die why are most Christians against tattoos and piercings?
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