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Divorce proceedings are governed by the county or state not by any city officials. So if your ex is filing it in his city it shouldn't matter. All that should matter is you have to file for divorce in the county in which you were married. Note: I am assuming this is not an uncontested divorce. If that is the case, seek a lawyer ASAP.

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Q: If since your divorce your ex has refiled it in his city can you refile it again in your city if you plan on taking him to court or do you have to do everything in his city?
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A divorce can be a difficult transition both emotionally and financially, which is why choosing the right lawyers and arming yourself with as much information as possible upfront can be vitally important. One can find good advice online from the Divorce Advice website which answes many frequently asked questions.

Is student loan a spousal debt after divorce?

If the debt was acquired during the divorce is could be taking into consideration.

What if you marry an illegal immigrant and want a divorce but they are in Mexico?

You would file for divorce at your local courthouse and serve the other party by publication (taking out an ad in a newspaper telling the other person about the divorce filing).

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No. If your spouse refuses to sign divorce papers, or file an answer with the court contesting the divorce, then you can still obtain the divorce. The process becomes a bit more complicated, though. You must be able to prove that your spouse knows that you have filed for divorce. Have them served with divorce papers, or some states will allow you to publish that you have petitioned for divorce-by taking out an ad in a local paper or posting notice at the courthouse. Then you must wait a predetermined amount of time for your spouse to answer. If they do not, then you receive an uncontested divorce. Call your local county clerks office for information on publishing.

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Prejudice is a legal term which means there was misconduct on the part of the person who filed the case and they are, therefore, forbidden to refile. Dismissal of a case with prejudice is final, and the plaintiff is barred from taking any further action.

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