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The magic word is "could." He's making a statement and not a promise or threat. In anger sometimes people say things they shouldn't say. If you suspect he is cheating on you, then get a girlfriend and get in the car and follow him one day. Check out phone calls, emails, strange phone numbers on his cell phone and also if he gets calls in late evening and when you answer someone hangs up. If he continues to make these threats pack his bags, have them at the door and say, "There! Now go prowling and don't bother to come back!" No man is worth fighting over and if they want to cheat let them, but NEVER let them ruin your life or waste your time, and NEVER let them control you by these sorts of threats. Call his bluff! Good luck Marcy

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What is adultey or divorce?

Adultery is when you cheat on your spouse and divorce is when you end the marriage from your spouse.

Do men cheat with women similar to spouse?

Usually not. It's usually with someone who is not like his spouse.

Is it legal to buy a house with someone who is married to someone else?

If you like. You may want to investigate the ownership rights of the 'uninvolved' spouse, as well as the wisdom of forming a partnership with a married person. If it's entirely business, all well and good. If there is also a romantic component then it is usually true that if they will cheat on their current spouse, they will cheat on their next spouse.

What is the cheat for Unlimited Money in Tony Hawk's Proving Ground?

type in jackass

Cheat to get a cheerleader outfit and super shills?

Log into someones account

Can you catch someones Pokemon with a master ball without cheat?

yes but you need this cheat to activate it. xbbyrbrl. good luck

Is it ever okay to cheat on your spouse?

No it is never okay to cheat on your spouse!! However it is okay if you marry some one and then talk to the person you marry and decide that you want to cheat on each other or something like that TOGETHER but other than that no it is not okay, ever!!

What is the cheat for unlimited money on tony hawks proving ground?

the code for tony hawks is BIG123MONEY

What is an example sentence for you shall not commit adultery?

Don't cheat on your spouse.

Can you blame a wife for walking away if the spouse never kept his words to not cheat again?

No, no one could really blame a wife for walking away if the spouse never kept his words to not cheat again.

Term for cheating on a spouse?

cheating ANSWER: what about Adultery and Adulteress

What is the cheat coad for bike in gta vice city for PC?

There is no cheat code for bike.You can pick up someones bike during the game play.

Which of these words describes a person who tries to cheat someones else out of his or her money?

Unscrupulous.. APEX ;D

What's the use of getting married if one spouse will cheat one day?

How do you know that one spouse will cheat one day? Not all marriages are full of infidelity. Some marriages last 50+ years and neither spouse was ever unfaithful. Have faith & trust in your partner until he/she gives you a reason not to.

What usually happen after your spouse affair?

They will cheat again, once a cheater always a cheater.

How do you cheat in classroom 2?

When the teacher turns around or something just look at someones paperdont move over.

Is htere someones club penguin they do not want?

yes they don't want penguins who cheat, no respect and bad words

How do you type in cheats on Tony Hawk proving ground Wii?

first you go to options then go to cheat codes and enter it with your controller and right now i can give you three cheats #1 cheat is AINTFALLIN and with this cheat you will not bail, #2 cheat is STILLAINTFALLIN and with this cheat you can have no focus on grinding so you can grind forever, #3 cheat is ANDAINTFALLIN and with this cheat you have no focus on manualling so you can manual forever.

If a spouse cheat once will heshe cheat again?

generally speaking, if the urge to cheat was present then, it's present now... the trick is to find what caused he/she to stray and work on that area; best of luck to you both

A guy in love with married woman?

Is as dumb as a girl dating a married man. If they will cheat on their spouse, they will cheat on you. Find a single partner. There are plenty to go around.

How do you cheat on your spouse?

First of all why would you even cheat just get a divorce clearly you don't really love him or her just divorce if you cheat it's just drama and they will find out save the drama and just divorce

Do you think your spouse is cheating but he is not?

Yes, some individuals can think their spouse is cheating when they are not. Some individuals have a jealous streak because they are not confident in themselves or perhaps have been hurt by someone else in the past that did cheat. Once an individual has been cheated on previously they are more inclined to be more suspicious of their new spouse cheating. This is where good communication skills is most important in a relationship and you should feel free to discuss how you feel with your spouse and then listen to what they have to say. There are male and female spouses who do cheat, but in most cases the signs are there or eventually the spouse cheating will give themselves away or be caught. We all risk a spouse cheating throughout our life spans, but thankfully a higher percentage do not cheat. Your relationship should be based on trust and if you do not feel you have it then work on it by communicating with your spouse or, if you are having difficulties with thinking your spouse is cheating there is nothing wrong with seeing a psychologist to get you over your difficult time.

How can you tell if your spouse is cheating especially you are ocean away?

get one or two of your friends to look out for him to make sure he dosent cheat but he is not suppose to know This person did not say their spouse was a man!

What should you do if your spouse wants a divorce?

If the spouse is a cheater, let them go and wish their lover well. Spouses who cheat will only be happy as long as there is someone new to keep them entertained.

How do you find out if a spouse is cheating?

Does your spouse flirt with other people, does he or she come home late, Do they ever hang out with you, These are signs that they are cheating but, if you trust they would NOT cheat then trust them.