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If someone's spouse told his wife that he could cheat on her and she would never prove it how does his wife go about proving it with no income?


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October 23, 2005 7:37AM

The magic word is "could." He's making a statement and not a promise or threat. In anger sometimes people say things they shouldn't say. If you suspect he is cheating on you, then get a girlfriend and get in the car and follow him one day. Check out phone calls, emails, strange phone numbers on his cell phone and also if he gets calls in late evening and when you answer someone hangs up. If he continues to make these threats pack his bags, have them at the door and say, "There! Now go prowling and don't bother to come back!" No man is worth fighting over and if they want to cheat let them, but NEVER let them ruin your life or waste your time, and NEVER let them control you by these sorts of threats. Call his bluff! Good luck Marcy