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Non Owners Auto Insurance CoverageNon-Owners Insurance allows you to drive non owned vehicles with some exceptions. Non owners Insurance will Not cover you in any vehicle that belongs to a member of your household nor any vehicle to which you have regular access. It will also not cover you in a rental car or any type of commercial or company vehicle at all, owned or non-owned. Non Owners Policies are Personal Lines insurance designed for unplanned and unexpected vehicle use by an occasional driver. Non owners auto insurance is drivers policy and is secondary coverage to any insurance carried by the vehicle owner.
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Q: If someone buys non-owner auto insurance because of an SR22 whose vehicle may they legally drive?
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When buying a car for someone else do you need to buy insurance for yourself?

Yes because even though your going to give it to someone, you will still legally own that car.

Can you insure someone else's car that doesn't have insurance on it?

Again, you cannot legally insure a vehicle that does not belong to you. The insurance policy and application make up a legally binding contract and state that you must own the vehicle in order to participate in the contract of insurance on the vehicle.

Can you legally fire someone for no reason in Missouri?

You can legally fire someone for no reason because Missouri is an at will state. They do not have to give you a reason why they are firing you.

What will happen if an uninsured licensed driver wrecks your car on public property and you have insurance?

If your insurance covers someone else driving your car, no problem. If not, it's your car and you are legally responsible for whatever damage there is. In other words, you are responsible because you loaned him the car.

Can a spouse contest life insurance?

Contest it how and why? I am going to have to assume that you are saying someone died and had a girlfriend or someone else as the beneficiary on a life insurance policy and not his wife. If this is the case she can try but she will not be successful in contesting it. A life insurance application and policy make up a legally binding contract. If he did not put her as beneficiary it was because he was forgetful or didn't want to leave her the money. In either case the court will side with the only evidence of his intention which is his last beneficiary designation which was signed and witnessed and is legally binding. She will be wasting legal fees.

How do you find insurance if someone tries to hide it?

legally registered vehicles are required in most states to have insurance. go through your state motor vehicle agency. and put aside time.

What is critical illness insurance and why might someone need it?


If you don't have auto insurance and you get into an accident can you sue the driver who hit you?

If you were legally required to have insurance, your position might be compromised a bit, but if the other driver was at fault, and will not cover your costs, yes you could sue. Juries deciding liability usually will not be allowed to know anything about insurance coverage, because it doesn't bear on whether someone has a liability, but could sway them emotionally with the perception of a big pool of faceless money. The job of the insurance company is to cover the liability once it has been legally established.

Does your husband have a life insurance policy on you?

Your husband cannot legally obtain life insurance on you without your knowledge. And most companies require at least a cursory physical before agreeing to insure someone.

Can someone who drives with no insurance drive with someone who has insurance?


What can I do when someone hit my car and has no insurance and I don't have insurance?

You are probably out of luck unless you can afford a civil lawsuit. However, to do that you would need a police report and you would face consequences for driving without insurance. You should park your car until you can also afford the insurance to drive legally.

If you let someone borrow your car and they crash who is responsible for the crash?

In most states, if you let someone borrow your vehicle and they end up crashing it, YOU are responsible for the crash, not the person driving it. Why? Because the vehicle is registered under YOUR name. If you have insurance (and hopefully you do) then your insurance has YOUR car information on it, not the driver's. If you don't, you are found at charge legally because you don't have insurance and that's committing a crime. You will be held responsible especially if they are not on your insurance policy. Car insurance covers the vehicle NOT the driver. You can get upset, but only get upset with yourself because you lent your car to someone that is not included as a driver in your insurance. Be careful and this goes with anyone borrowing your vehicle because in the end, you are liable because that's your insurance and car, not theirs. And please file the claim even if you weren't the one operating the vehicle. You can try to sue the person that drove your car, but most likely, you will not win the case depending on the state you live in. If you lie to your insurance company, that's a fraud so if you don't want to do the time, don't commit that crime. Take what your insurance gives you and learn from this mistake.

Can you be on someone's insurance even if they don't co sign?

You can be on someone's insurance coverage only if they arrange to place you on it with their agent. You cannot put yourself on someone's insurance.You can be on someone's insurance coverage only if they arrange to place you on it with their agent. You cannot put yourself on someone's insurance.You can be on someone's insurance coverage only if they arrange to place you on it with their agent. You cannot put yourself on someone's insurance.You can be on someone's insurance coverage only if they arrange to place you on it with their agent. You cannot put yourself on someone's insurance.

Do you legally need public liability insurance at a shop?

Yes you do ! If someone (either staff or customer) injures themselves while on your premises - they could sue you in court. Liability insurance is paid to protect the owner from such claims.

When someone kills you with their car can you go after their homeowners insurance?

Nope! Because your dead!

Do you have to have insurance if you have a drivers license but do not own vehicle?

In most situations, the insurance follows the vehicle, therefore, if you don't have a vehicle you would not have a need to have insurance. You still have the responsibility to make sure that any vehicle that you do drive is insured. If you borrow someone's car and drive it, you have the care, custody, and control of the vehicle and you are legally responsible to make sure it has the legally required coverage. If you drive an uninsured vehicle, you will be ticketed.

Do homeowners insurance cover damage done by neighbors?

yes it does i know because someone broke our fire-pit and insurance covered it

Can you employ someone and not pay them?

Not legally, unless it is an internship. Otherwise it would be fraud. It is possible to have someone listed as an employee without them receiving a paycheck, such as an intern or new employee for purposes of insurance and workman's comp.

Is life insurance paid if the body is not found?

When someone has been missing for long enough, which is normally seven years, that person can be declared legally dead, at which point life insurance policies will pay the death benefit for that person.

If you have a lapse in insurance and someone backs into you is their insurance still liable for damages?

If your state requires your legally registered vehicle to be insured at all times, your lack of insurance MAY be of some interest to law enforcement. HOWEVER - if the other party's vehicle struck your vehicle then THEIR insurance is liable of the damages. It makes no difference whether or not your insurance was in effect at the time, or not.

What do you do when someone hit you and you have no insurance?

get insurance

Where can someone get a quote for building insurance?

Someone can get a quote for building insurance from a number of insurance companies such as Allstate Insurance. Allstate Insurance provides a number of insurance products for both consumers and businesses.

Why get uninsured motorist insurance?

Because there are many people who are driving without insurance coverage in our nation. Far more than you realize. It is a stupid and reckless crime but it happens all the time. If you do not have uninsured motorist coverage you will be on your own to try and collect your damages from someone who has chosen not to pay for legally required insurance. How well do you think you will do on collecting from this type of person. Plus the insurance company pays for the legal fees involved in getting judgements and collection.

Can other immediate family members change the beneficiary of a life insurance plicy?

Immediate family members would not be able to change someone's life insurance beneficiary without power of attorney. The life insurance policy is a legally recognized document signed by the owner with a designated recipient.

Do you have to be a relative or wife to open a insurance policy on someone?

In order to take out life insurance on someone, you have to have what is legally known as "insurable interest" in that person. A spouse or dependant has an obvious insurable interest, but there are other cases as well. For example, a business can take out life insurance on a particularly valued employee. This is known as "key man insurance" (apparently key women are not as important) since the death of an employee can cause financial problems for the employer.

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