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If someone considers themselves gnostic what exactly does that mean?

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2010-01-13 01:17:05


Gnostic is a person or persons who believe in many

possibilities, They believe in God, Jesus, Mary, and yes even

mother God! They study all religions and go by their own

understanding of what seems right to them. They believe in after

life, spirits, Angels and fallen angels. They do not believe in


The goal of Gnostic spirituality is Gnosis, or "Knowledge of

Truth." Gnostics, mean "Knowers," because in the various languages

used by different religions, individuals who have realized "Gnosis"

or achieved "enlightenment"---yes, believe in many other spiritual


Gnostics interpret the stories and teachings of their spiritual

tradition as signposts pointing beyond words altogether to the

mystical experience of the ineffable Mystery.

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