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They would probably know by the smell. Fake vomit does not smell, even if it does smell, it's not as bad as the really stuff. Ewww.... Ya the fake vomit would probably smell like rubber, while the other one smells just plain nasty. ya what the other person said. ewww.

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βˆ™ 2009-05-10 03:32:14
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Q: If someone got sick in a fake vomit factory how would anyone know?
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Someone would eat vomit if they suffered from a sexual fetish linked with an eating disorder. The burning and usually nauseating sensations that surround vomit could be seen as masochistic, for it does suggest a dehumanising/self-punishing aspect.

Why would someone vomit from a Gastric tube feeding?

Someone would vomit from a Gastric tube feeding because getting something shoved down your body is not a good feeling in any case.

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they would because its not their own blood and they are not yet used to the new blood

What would make a person vomit?

can Asthma make you vomit blood

What would make a person vomit blood?

can asthma make you vomit blood

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