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Q: If someone has been diagnosed with MS recently could this affect their ability to take and pass a polygraph test?
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What is a polygraph test used to detect?

A polygraph is used to help detect if someone is lying.

What is the job called when you tell someone is lying?

Polygraph operator.

What treatments are available for someone diagnosed with mesothelioma?

There are many treatments that are available for someone diagnosed with mesothelioma. Someone who is diagnosed with mesothelioma can have treatments such as surgeries and chemotherapy.

Can you beat the polygraph?

Yes it is possible to fool a polygraph. Sociopaths for instance have no conscience so if they are asked if they killed someone, they don't feel any empathy or nervousness. When they say no often the polygraph registers this as the truth.

Why is a polygraph important?

Because when someone did something you would need to know if there telling the truth or not.

How does someone get diagnosed with HIV?

By taking an hiv test

What is the outlook for someone diagnosed with leukemia?

age of patient

Could someone diagnosed with bipolar steal and not remember?


Diagnosed with leukemia how long can you live?

it varies from 3 years to 7 years. i know someone who lived for 7 years from when she was diagnosed. but i also know someone who was diagnosed 2 years ago and now is critically ill.

How many people are diagnosed with AIDS every second?

Every 7 seconds someone is diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

Would high anxiety effect a polygraph test?

Yes. Polygraphs are designed to detect heightened levels of anxiety, they cannot detect whether someone is telling the truth or lying. Most people when they lie become anxious/nervous, however if someone suffers from anxiety or is particularly nervous the polygraph will also detect this. If the examiner refers to the polygraph as a "lie detector" then the chances are they have little understanding as to the function of the machine and would likely mistake someone with anxiety as a chronic liar.

What is diagnostic research?

it is research on a disease that someone might get diagnosed with

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