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no, you can leave home when you're 16.

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If someone in TN that is 18 and a senior in high school do they have to wait till they graduate to leave home?

As she is only 18 years old , she may have to wait not only till she graduates she will have to be 21 years of age to leave on her own.

Did Andre Gispert graduate from the Air Force Academy?

AJ had to leave his Senior year due to a series of surgeries on his knees. But he did get to graduate. BM

Can you leave home at 17 when you graduate high school?

NO! are you crazy?!

When can someone leave school?

Someone can leave school (applying to United States laws) if they are 18 or older.

When did Thomas Edison graduate college?

Thomas Edison never did graduate from college as he was told to leave school as he was considered a idiot.

What happens if you don't graduate high school by age 19?

You will then have to leave school without having graduated.

Can you leave home when you graduate from high school if you are still 17?

U go 2 school over summer

What age does a child graduate high school in France?

French pupils leave high school about at age 18/19.

Will clare leave degrassi?

yes clare will leave degrassi because it takes place as a high school drama as in when she is a senior/12th grade she will leave degrassi

What is the meaning of dropped out in idiomatic?

Imagine people in a race or a line. If you drop out, you leave the line or race. Dropping out means quitting, stopping whatever is going on. Often, you hear of "dropping out of school," which means someone quits going to school before they graduate.

When does career planning begin?

Career planning begins before you leave high school you should no what you want to do before you graduate

When did Rosa Parks graduate collage?

she did not go to college. but she finished high school in 1933 because she had to leave to take care of her family

Why did Sean flynn leave zoey101?

His high school was not going to allow him to graduate on time if he continued being absent so often

How old are Americans when they leave school?

If you are referring to when an American would graduate high school, (assuming they had never been held back), they would be approximately 18 years old.

When did Rosa parks graduate from high school?

Rosa Parks graduated from high school in 1934. She had to leave school at age 15 to help care for her grandmother and later her mother when they were ill. Her husband Raymond Parks encouraged her to finish school.

How can you get only 4 classes as a senior?

Well so at my high school, we have 9 periods a day (1 of which must be lunch). In those 8 other periods you must complete at least 24 credits (32 possible). Most students here take 7 classes a day for their first 3 years (21 credits) and then senior year only need 3 additional credits to graduate. They normal take English, Math, PE (as in Illinois PE is required) and then take lunch (required). If they have good academic standing then they are allowed to leave campus for the remaining 5 opens (seniors can leave the school during lunch). So at our school that is how you can get away with 3 classes (4 periods) a day in your senior year of high school. So basically if you look into your schools graduation requirements then you can take those classes earlier in high school so you can relax senior year or go as far as taking off second semester of senior year. If you plan to have a light load your senior year you should plan it out early. I'd talk to your counselor when you go to schedule classes to make sure you meet graduation requirements.

Could a 17-year-old high school graduate be emancipated and leave her parents?

Yes, this is possible. However, it depends on the situation.

What is a school owned instrument?

An instrument (such as a trumpet) supplied to you (by the school) for you to learn on. When you leave the school the instrument will be given to some new school pupil. If you are good at music, someone may purchase you your own instrument. This would be a "privately owned instrument" and will be yours after you leave school.

What do you do if someone has a crush on you at school?

If someone has a crush on you then you can go and confront them and tell them how you fell or you can just leave it and it might sort itself out and they will move on

How do you make someone leave you alone?

If you're at school tell the teacher but if you're not get a restraining order

What age can you leave school at?

you can leave school at 16

How do you answer the question 'what is your greatest weakness' in a job interview tagalog?

as an undergrad i sue to leave assignment until the last minute.but with the work load of graduate school,i learned to school my time very effectively.

What year did George Lopez graduate high school?

Some where back in the 1900's, gosh people he didnt graduate in the 21st century. Text him or call him up and hook up to see when he graduated. Did I answer your question? Leave me a rating below and tell how I did. :)

What is a high school dropout?

a highschool dropout is someone who does not finish their entire school education because they leave due to not having the skills to finish or who are dis-satisfied so they leave . i hope i answered your question so you understand.

Is it legal to leave home at age 19 but you are still in high school with 3 weeks until graduation?

Yes, you are an adult. You became an adult at 18 and whether you graduate or not has nothing to do with it.