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Can i flight now my passport expired date?

You need to have a current passport to leave the country, or to return. If you are already outside the country and your passport expires, you will need to contact your consulate to have it renewed.

Do I need a passport when taking cruises outside of the U.S?

You will need a passport when you are taking the cruise outside of the US. The reason why is so you are in different ports that you are outside of the US.

What identification do you need to fly to Scotland or does it have to be a passport?

if you r coming from outside the uk then passport

List of places you need a passport to fly?

You need a passport to travel anywhere outside your country.

Can a convicted felon travel outside the us?


Is it legal to send UK passport abroad by post or with someone else?

Yes, it is legal. The passport office itself does this when a British Citizen living outside the UK renews their passport. The new passport is produced in and sent from the UK. Note that different procedures and different forms are needed fro renewing a passport outside the UK to renewing one in the UK. It also costs nearly twice as much to renew a passport if you live outside the UK.

Do you need a passport to fly to las Vegas?

only if you live outside of the country if you do not then no you do not need a passport to travel there

Do you need a passport to go to st maarten?

Yes, a passport is needed for any travel outside of the U.S.

Cities in Mexico that do not require a passport?

If you are traveling from outside Mexico, all cities you travel to require a passport.

Do you need a passport 2 go Disneyland Paris?

Yes. You need a passport to anywhere outside the U.S.

What is a passport benefit?

Passport can be used as a form of identification and it is be used if you would like to travel outside country.

Do you need a passport to go to Peru?

Yes, to fly anywhere that is outside of the country you live in you need a passport

Can you travel to Canada without a passport?

Not from outside the US

Which of these is required for everyone traveling outside of the US?


Is there any kind of passport which allows pakistani people to live outside pakistan and to do business and buy property outside pakista?

Pakistanis need a passport stamped from Protectorate of Emigrants to live outside Pakistan and to do business and buy property outside Pakistan.

What is a passport for?

Anyone who plans to travel outside of U.S. needs a passport for travel. The traveler will need the passport to enter another country, and return to the U.S. Source: I am a passport and visa specialist with Visa Passport Pro - the leader in US Passport Expediting.

Do you lose your passport with a DUI?

Nope. I have one and use my passport for ID. I've also travelled outside the country with it.

Do you need a passport to travel from the US to Tortola?

As long as your are travelling outside of the Unoted States boarder, then you do need a passport.

What do you need to travel on airplane outside the US?

You need a passport if you are going to travel outside of the country.

If your child is named on his mother's passport can the child travel on this or does the child have to have his own passport?

Every child needs his/her own passport to travel outside of their home country.

Where can you find the passport book number on a Brazilian passport?

A passport is required when you want to travel outside the country inside which you were born and live. The passport number in the new blue biometric Brazilian passport is located on the information page where your photograph is.

Do you need a passport to travel outside US?

Yes, if you are an American you do

Can a fetus live outside the womb at seventeen weeks?

I think 24 weeks is when a foetus is viable to live outside the womb

What age are you allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts?

You can only use magic outside of Hogwarts when you become of age at seventeen.

Is a convicted felon allowed to leave country?

I am a convicted felon and recently traveled out of the country with no problem. I am no longer on probation though. I am rather sure if you are on probation, you must obtain permission from your probation officer.Added: If you have completed your sentence and/or you are released on parole with no travel restrictions, you may apply for a passport and travel outside of the country. CAUTION: Not all nations will grant persons convicted of certain crimes permission to enter their country.