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Yes, until the divorce is final. After that, if she's healthy she can get a PRIVATE policy. In CA click here for pricing, benefits and online applications If not, and it's an Employer Plan she would be eligible for COBRA after than she can get HIPAA for definitions of who is elible to be covered see If it's an individual plan - just ask the company to split her off.

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Q: If someone is going through a divorce can the wife be kept on her exs medical insurance?
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Where can someone get medical insurance if they are self employed?

Many people receive medical insurance through their place of work. For those that are self employed it can be obtained through an ex-employers plan, COBRA, or utilizing a spouses plan.

What does AARP insurance cover?

AARP insurance covers everything from life insurance to car insurance. You an also get plans for medical insurance through them.

How can one get a medical and dental insurance?

The most common way to get medical and dental insurance is through one's employer. However, one can also get medical and dental insurance directly from many insurance companies by going to their website or calling them.

Where can one find affordable medical insurance in Winnipeg?

Affordable medical insurance in Winnipeg can be obtained through a variety of medical insurance carriers. The Manitoba government website is a great place to start learning about medical benefits, as many forms of care are covered through the government for Canadian citizens.

Which medical insurance is primary for the wife when the husband and wife each have insurance through their jobs?

The Wifes

Who is considered the primary and who is the secondary medical insurance for child living with mother and step father but also has coverage through father?

Unless mentioned in the divorce decree, the birthday rule should apply.

Where can I find information about sports insurance?

You can purchase sports insurance through a variety of insurance and medical companies. You can pick a package that is good for you and covers things that you are interested in. Such as physicals, and medical bills.

Does a woman have to get her husband on her car insurance if they are separated and going through a divorce?

No, if he's not driving her car.

What is HMO medical insurance and who qualifies?

HMO medical insurance is insurance that is through the employer. It means they will only pay for certain things, and certain doctors as well. You can get a list, and doctors decide what qualifies.

Does your homeowners insurance cover you if you are injured on someone else's property?

No You would need to seek coverage under your medical insurance policy for accidental injuries. Homeowners insurance is for property and liabilities that may arise out of home ownership. Home insurance does not replace medical insurance. If you think the property owner is liable through cause of injury, you might seek coverage under their liability if they carry the coverage.

were can i go to get cheap, valuable medical insurance?

Medical insurance for minors can be obtained free of charge through your local Department of Human Service office. There are various programs that provide partial to full aid in medical insurance costs for minors.

How might someone cope with a divorce?

You may want to see the company of family to help ease you through a divorce. Talking with close friends can also help you get through the complex emotions associated with divorce.

Where can you find a good divorce mediator?

I found one through a divorce attorney-someone licesened in my state and an attorney herself.

How can someone apply for physical disability insurance through a state agency?

Someone can apply for physical disability insurance through a state agency by going to the SSA website. If the person meets the application's requirements, they can get insurance.

Where can one find life insurance that does not need a medical?

Life insurance that does not require a medical examination can be purchased through many reputable insurance companies. These policies are known as Simplified Issue Policies, and do require the applicant to answer some medical history questions.

Why would your boyfriend ask you to be there for him when he comes through his divorce?

Maybe because he wants his girlfriend to be there for him to give him support. If you were going through a divorce, would you like someone to be there with yous? :)

Is there life insurance that requires no medical exam?

Yes, but the premiums are through the roof.

Can you get a divorce by advertising in newspaper?

If you mean getting a divorce by simply advertising that you are divorcing someone, then the answer is no, it has to go through the court. Even if you are common law, a divorce has to be granted by a judge.

Does one have to pay insurance on a medical marijiuana card?

A medical marijuana card is given to a patient through their medical provider. The doctor is covered under the patient's insurance as is the marijuana since it is considered a prescribed medication.

Is it a good idea to date someone goin through a divorce?

no try to comfort them first

What is a good source for medical benefits?

Medical benefits are available through several different sources. In Canada, private medical insurance can be purchased for whatever the provincial medical plan doesn't cover. Many full-time jobs also offer medical and dental insurance packages.

Must you continue to pay for your wife's health insurance through your employment if she won't sign the final divorce papers?

AnswerYou can drop coverage during open enrollment but I don't know why you'd want to be responsible for all those medical bills.

What has the author Pierce Williams written?

Pierce Williams has written: 'The purchase of medical care through fixed periodic payment' -- subject(s): Insurance, Health, Medical economics, Health Insurance

What is the average cost of a cauterization of precancer cells on the cervix for someone without medical insurance?

In our area, women without medical insurance may be eligible for low cost treatment of precancerous cells of the cervix through the state's cancer services program, at the local family planning center, or at the federally qualified health center.

How could one get temporary medical insurance when travelling?

Temporary medical insurance can be obtained through a travel agent, bank, or insurance company. Make sure to call around first to make sure that you get the best price with the most inclusive coverage.