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No. No one will know. Just keep it as a secret.

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Talk to him privately, without any of his friends knowing about it.

This could indicate that he still has feelings for you, or simply, he really likes the chain. If you think he still likes you, talk to him about it, or if you are afraid to, ask your friends or his friends if they think that he still likes you.

If a boy likes you that means that he might want to ask you out. If you think that someone likes you, then become friends with him/her, after that, the relationship is easy. Don't get someone to ask him out for you though because he will probably interpret that to you're too afraid to ask him/her yourself; and that's not a good thing for a relationship.

Well if you think he likes you, he probably doesn't. you just can't think something about someone. So, if he's telling his friends that he doesn't like you, get over it and find someone else who is interested in your ugly af self.

Because he is embarrassed by you. He is afraid that his friends will reject him because he likes someone they see as lame or ugly, unpopular and boring. If a guy wants to prove himself to his friends, then he is not worth the time. He will always try to make others see him the way they want to see him, he is going to be fake and a liar... Someone who truly likes you wouldn't be ashamed to show you off to his friends. He would think for himself and make his own choices.

I think you should walk up to someone and talk ask them what they like

because they are afraid of rejection... they also might be afraid of what there friends might think... dont worry... if he really does like you then everything will work out

be honest if they like you like that tell them I think it's better we remain friends

you are probably afraid to take a futher step in this relationship with your crush - afraid that he may have someone he already likes, so you just stand from the sideline and watch him marrying someone else, because you do not think you can give him the same happiness.

When a person likes someone there are a few ways to tell. People might notice you staring at the guy or talking about him and the things he likes a lot. Most people think that they can hide that they like someone but close friends will know.

This is a normal question that men ask a women that they trust.The answer is well there is many reasons.1. Maybe the girl is a nerd and nobody likes her except for you, but your friends know you like her.2. The girl is way out of your league and your friends think you can't get her.MOSTLY THIS IS NOT TRUE WITH GIRLS

Dont fall for those guys, if he is to embaressed to ask you out because of his friends then he should just ask them out. Find a guy that loves you for you and that you can be yourself around, hope this helped!

No way. This guy probably likes you and just doesn't want to admit it. But there is the possibility that he is afraid to tell all his friends that, because he is afraid what they will say. I say go for it. Tell him you like him!

well if she is blushing she likes you and if she dos u can fell itanswerwell i think that if ur friends with her and she hugs you then she likes you and she just want's to let it out or just ask one of her friends cause I'm a girl and i like a guy who i am like best friends with so if she doesn't like you she efentually will

you should try to get his phone number, or make friends with someone that goes to his school and have them find out if he is likes you

You have to decide what is more important. The crush or the friends.

Then tell that person if she likes you or just leave as is

Der, he likes you and has told his friends :) Or they're all just just guys and like smiling at everyone?

I doubt that he likes anyone. I think he just likes most of them as friends.

You should ask him if he does! Or get a friend to ask him! If he does then you should make the first move and ask him out! Don't be afraid to take a risk that is what life is about, if you don't know weather he likes you or not and what is there to loose? If he likes you, then you don't have to wait for him to grow some balls to ask you out, but if he doesn't then you can move on and find someone who will treat you right.

I think He is under "PEER" pressure, he wants to be accepted by his friends, (crew) but he also likes you, the more he likes you the less his friends will effect the two of you. This happens most of the time, some times Maturity is not achieved and his friends become his focal point and you, with someone else.

If a guy likes you, he will try to flirt. He will look at you every once and a while if your near him. IF YOU THINK A GUY LIKES YOU, DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK! Yeah, and he gets a boner.

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