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Talk to a reserve company, go to a recruiting office or go to the VA's website. All of those places should help you. Thank you for your service. Good luck and God Bless:)

2006-09-14 00:58:33
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Q: If someone never received a Bronze Star that his discharge shows he was awarded how do you go about obtaining it?
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Who received the bronze star in the 45th infantry division in World War 2?

Try the "American War Library." If you have a copy of his Discharge papers and you know the General Order that issued the BSM, then you can request a copy of it from the National Archives. If not, they you would have to research the files or hire someone to do this. Note, that in 1947 there was a rule change that awarded the BSM to any soldiers who fought in combat as an infantryman and had been awarded the Combat Infantry Badge. So it is possible that he did not earn the BSM for a specific action and after the war he ordered his discharge papers, it would show he earned the BSM.

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How can someone find out what medals were awarded to their father in World War 2?

Obtain a copy of his service record from the National Archives. It will contain all of the items that he was awarded. A faster way to get info is to look at his Official Discharge from the military. There will be listed in a section titled "Awards and Decorations" all of his awards. If you don't have the discharge, he may have joined a Legion post or VFW post, and they would probably have a copy. If he bought a house and used the GI Bill, the VA would have a copy. Many municipalities granted tax exemptions to veterans, and they would have a copy. Funeral Directors may have a copy also.

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Yes, but not for members with Bad Conduct/Dishonorable. Members with and OTH (Other Than Honorable Discharges) are still eligible and can receive a burial flag. There are no laws that prevent someone from purchasing and draping a casket with a flag however one will not be provided military honors by the guard to fold and present it to the next of kin if you have a dishonorable discharge. You must have at least an Honorable or OTH discharge.

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