If someone used your credit card on an internet gambling site without your permission what happens if you dispute the charge?

Did you report the card loss to the issuer? If charges appear on your statement and you know that you did not make the charges, you can contact the credit card issuer to dispute the charges. You may have to fill out an affidavit that states you did not [have] knowledge of or consent to these charges. The credit card issuer will then go back to the company submitting the charges to dispute the amount. The credit card issuer should send out confirmation of your request to dispute, confirmation of the amount that may be credited back to your account, pending the dispute. Once they have completed their investigation, your account will be billed for the charges [again] if you cannot prove the case of identity theft/creditcard theft/fraud and the disputed amount was credited to your account. If the dispute is legit, you should receive notification of this. Keep all correspondence regarding this for as long as information can stay on your credit report, which in most cases, is seven years. [But keeping for ten won't hurt].