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It does depend on the amount of vomit, size of the pool, and your filtration system. A good rule of thumb is no less than 45 minutes after a contaminate is fully cleaned and the area is super chlorinated. If it is baby spit up I normally tell my guards just to scoop it out real fast but if it is larger and spreads I have no problem clearing the pool in the sake of safety. Remember there has never been a documented case of a bloodbourne illness (hep B, HIV, etc.) being spread through the water.

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How do you call someone who eats then vomits?


What do you give them when they throw up?

When someone throws up or vomits, they should drink some water and take an antacid to help calm their stomach down.

Is the stomach flu airborne?

It is airborne after someone vomits or has diarrhea. Because it a virus, it can be on surfaces or in undercooked food.

When can you tell someone you are pregnant?

When she has cravings for odd things such as dirt, vomits in the morning and even more bitchy then normal.

Why does solid snake vomit in Metal Gear Solid 4?

Snake vomits in Metal Gear Solid 4 when the player kills a large number of enemies in conflict zone (Act 1 and Act 2). Before Old Snake vomits you will hear Liquid from Metal Gear Solid say "You enjoy all the killing, that's why!". Note: You can delay the vomiting by 'hugging' a wall. The next time you kill someone, however, it will happen again until Snake finally vomits.Also why he vomits is if you take too much of the syringe or if you roll in the drum can for a long time.

Is one baby aspirin safe for a 32 pound dog?

Yes, but watch for signs of stomach upset, such as if the dog stops eating, or vomits, or if the dog vomits blood, especially. If the dog vomits blood you should take the dog to a veterinarian. See the Related Link below. And NEVER give Tylenol (acetaminophen) to a dog.

Is the pool clean when kid vomits in it?

If a child or for that matter an adult vomits in the pool you should clear the pool clean out the material vomited into the pool by netting skimming and vacuuming. Shock the pool and leave overnight to be on the safe side.

What rhymes with comets?


What can you do when someone vomits?

Clean it up and if this continues, arrange a doctors appointment. You might also want to find out why they vomited. It might be because they're simply drunk or sick. If sick, they should avoid eating and drinking certain things.

If the patient vomits shortly after taking activated charcoal.What should you do?

Notify medical direction to authorize one repeat of the dose.

Can you get HIV if an infected person vomits on you?


Your dog vomits fecal matter?

Well your dog has obviously enough been ingesting..... feces into its stomach, an it may not like it, not be able to digest it, or it didn't agree with your dog.

When your dog drinks water he vomits it out also he is shivering?

If your dog can't keep water down, you should contact a vet immediately!

What do you do when a dog vomits in the car?

wipe it up

If your dog vomits is that a sign of a bad owner?

No it is not. :)

If a kid vomits in pool?

You should wipe were the kid vomited and clan the pool with pool chemicals but if it is really bad you should drain the pool cleean it the fill it back up.

Your 3 months old pomeranian dog vomits 2-3 hours after eating what should you do?

Take it to a vet (Animal doctor)

What happen if spray oust on a cat?

Just wipe the cat with a damp washcloth. Watch and see if it vomits. If it does, call the Vet , but it should be OK .

What should you do if your cat vomits?

If it's just once, nothing much. If it keeps doing it, and can't keep anything down - take it to a vet.

What is barfs?

Barfs is just a slang word for "Vomits."

What to do if her child vomits?

clean it up with a sponge i guess

When your child vomits and the syliva is frofy what does it mean?

its sick

What is a 6 letter word for expels violently?


What does it mean when your gerbil vomits?

it barbs/through's up

What should you do if a victim vomits while performing CPR?

Roll them on their side, and remove the vomit from the mouth. Roll then over on their back ASAP, and resume CPR.

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