If someone wants to teach their pet how to do tricks where can they learn how to do this?

It depends what pet you are specifically speaking of but from my own interest if you have a budgie, then they were almost naturally born 2 be trained but if you have a cat then, not very possible if you want to teach it to do carltwheels:):)LOLZ

When i got my budgie, he was petrified but then in the morning i came to him every day and spoke to him and told him how my day was then he got a little accustomed but we sadly let him out way 2 early. Two weeks min for getting him out.Dont make the same mistake i did and let him out 2 early cuz u kinda have to start over gain so not worth it. Problem is my budgie was with loads of other birds in the pet shop but now hez a lone but i think after another week or so, he will be fine andd we can get him out again:) LOLZ (going off subject bit).