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== == * No, because it's a the same person, but an individual with multiple personalities. In Canada the law is so crazy regarding such things that it's difficult to see where the law actually protects the victim and a possible suicidal person is a victim in most cases. Here, if someone threatens to jump off a bridge (most do it just because no one is listening to how much they hurt and can't afford the help) and they are saved by police/firemen then they can be charged! Rarely does it stick and the person ends up where they really want to be for help ... in the psychiatric ward of a hospital. In most cases the person isn't crazy at all, but needs help and unfortunately, in the U.S. and Canada that's getting scarcer as the years roll by. * No because they are "personalities" they are treated like royalty. If someone with multiple everyday riffraff threatens to kill himself, call in the S.W.A.T. team, 13 helicopters flying overhead...but someone with multiple personalities and suddenly you've got doctors and family standing next to benign police officers all pleading with the "personalities" to put the weapon down and come outside so they can be "helped". They say we're all equal under the law, but they say it to keep those of us with multiple everyday riffraff at bay. * No, but the person is obviously insane and I feel sorry for them. * Yes, because for example the body has 5 people sharing it, like Eric, Adam, Sam, Nick and George, so Eric is the one that wants to kill himself, but then the other four are against it and when it happens to be Eric's time to be in control of the body, and he threatens to kill himself, the other guys wouldn't like it so much and would be hold against their will. It's just that they have to share the same body but they are completely different from each other. It's the opposite from a group of people that follow another person and do everything the other person does and they have different bodies but just one personality, like lemmings. It's kind of the opposite from that. * Yes, because they are not 'personalities', they are 'people', who are self-aware. If they are not self-aware, and really were just fragments, you might not have a hostage situation since it would all be in the mind of one person. But in multiple systems, where many diverse, self-aware people share one body, then any action taken by one that could seriously harm the body or the welfare of the group is a serious matter, in addition to it being quite tragic for the person involved. If Sall threatens to blow herself up, and doing so will also kill Jane and Tom who cannot get away, it is a hostage situation. Everyone within a multiple system has a conciousness - 'I think therefore I am' equating them the rights of any othre human being, including the right to life. However the unique nature of a multiple means that everyone within the system must share one body. 'Love your neighbor as yourself' takes on its truest meaning, for any harm to each other will likely harm yourself.

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What If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself is it considered a hostage situation?

yes yes it is

If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself is it considered a hostage situation?

It is. If someone without multiple personalities tries to kill his/herself, in the books, it's a hostage situation. It's illegal to kill yourself, and you can go to jail for it. Usually, cops look at it like J-Walking, not in the sense that they look the other way, but that they overlook the fact that they're attempting to break the law in order to save them. If you were on a bridge, would you want a cop saying "GET DOWN FROM THERE SO WE CAN ARREST YOU AND THROW YOU IN JAIL!"? No, you wouldn't.

If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself is it considered a hostage situation or a murder?

it would be suicide as he's threatening to kill himself, not anyone else or another personality. however he would be innocent in a court of law due to mental illness i am not sure but i don't think it's either because someone with multiple personalities doesn't always know that they have multiple personalities so by killing themselves they are not really murdering anyone. Also, this is a illness therfore they have not forcibly kept their other personalities locked away as they don't really have any control over when these "other people" burst out. Another, reason for it not to be a murder is -assume that this person only has one personality-themselves. If they want to kill themselves in their current one-minded state they are again not in control of the other "people (prsonalities that they kill) as that was not their intention. I don't know if this is right or if even makes sense (but it made sense in my head) God rulezzz dood. (>.<)

If a schizophrenic threatens to commit suicide does that count as a hostage situation?

You are confusing dissociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personality disorder, with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a disorder in which the person suffering loses touch with reality. Dissociative identity disorder is a disorder in which the person suffering believes him or herself to have multiple personalities coexisting in one body. See the related questions for a more in-depth exploration of what the two illnesses are. As the 'personalities' are not real people, a threat of death to them would not be viewed as a hostage situation.

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