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If taking Lopid does it need to be taken for remaining life?

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How long does a Valium overdose last?

This depends on the number of tablets, you have taken. Suppose you have taken ten tablets of Valium. Then after half life of the drug you will have five tablets remaining in his body. (Half life of Valium is about day and half.) After next day and half, you have two and half drug remaining in the body of the patient. This is true for the next half life. During all this period, you can awake the patient, feed him, take him to the toilet. He will recover eventually. (Then the patient need to be taken to psychiatrist for counselling.)

What is the life process by which food is taken into an animal body?

Ingestion is the process by which food is taken into the body. It is part of the digestive process which breaks down food, absorbs its nutrients, and then the remaining waste is excreted. I hope this is what you meant!

Is road not taken a biographical one?

Yes, the idea of the road not taken is really about the things that you did not do, in your life. It is not literally about taking Highway 401 rather than the Gardiner Expressway.

What is the phobia for remaining a virgin all your life?


The road not taken by Robert Frost related to American dream?

the american dream was mainly about working hard to get somewhere, in this poem frost says that the road that is most taking will lead you to a normal life, but the road less taken will lead you to a life that is successful, meaning for many the american dream.

Can a person who commits suicide have a Catholic Funeral Mass?

Mercifully, usually YES, as it is now taken that the balance of the mind is disturbed in a person taking their own life.

How many dogs should be taken care of to bring luck?

Taking care of and loving just one dog will bring you luck, and a loyal friend for life.

Your husband is the grantee in a deed where the grantors reserved life estates and one has died. What rights does he have to the property?

The remaining life tenant has the right to the use and possession of the property for life. Upon the death of the remaining life tenant your husband will own the property absolutely, free of the life estates.

Harvest moon a wonderful life how long is an engagement?

The remaining of that year

What is the phobia or fear of remaining a virgin all your life called?


What is the name of the tool that checks remaining battery life of a battery?


How do you check the remaining charge on a battery?

You can check battery life with a voltmeter.

What year did taking pictures start?

The first photograph of objects in nature was taken in 1826 by Nicéphore Niépce. He took a photographs of an engraving and other still life objects in 1822.

Is Derek Jeter taking steroids?

no he never taking steroids in his life.

Can a life estate be included in the holder's will?

A life estate is extinguished upon the death of the holder. There is no remaining interest that can be passed by will.

What steps Pakistani government is taking to preserve sea life?

our government is not taking any step to preserve sea life.

What are the ratings and certificates for Taking Your Life - 2005?

Taking Your Life - 2005 is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG-13

Where does the remaining lion population live?

in zooz ,parks, or wild life reservs

What is 36 percent oil life remaining in Ford Explorer 2004?

what is the answer to the question?

Can you survive after being taken off of life support?

After you have been taken off of life support you die shortly after in most conditions.

Which road did the traveler choose in the'' road not taken''?

He took the road to individuality. * A took the one less traveled by* this is the road of individuality as most of our society is conforming and taking the safest way in life.

How can you find out if life insurance has been taken out in your name without your knowledge.?

How can you find out if life insurance has been taken out in your name with or without your knowledge.?

Is there anything morally wrong and why is it wrong?

yes, there is. Some would argue that the taking of life (killing someone) is morally wrong. A counter-argument might be if in self-defence, the taking of a life might be morally right, since it preserves another's life. However, this does not contradict the point that the taking of a life is still morally wrong. Indeed, the taking of a life can be both morally right and morally wrong.

What does taking Amrit mean to a Sikh?

Amrit means sacred water, and by taking this you are meant to wear the panj kakkar(5K's) as a uniform. Each K has it's own meaning of special significance. once you have taken Amrit, you are initiated into the Khalsa(Pure) and from that time onwards you are to live a commit your life to Waheguru(God) and be as pure in every aspect of your life as possible.

What is the Winged Dragon of Ra attack points?

The attack is your remaining life points -100.