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The Luddites were in favor of producing cloth on primitive hand operated looms. Such looms were often in private homes where the weavers worked incredibly long hours to produce not very much cloth.

The Luddies were also in favor of NOT letting other people decide how to run their own lives. Like union thugs today they were arrogant enough to insist that their way of doing things was the only correct way and that everone else should conform to their twisted view of right and wrong.

Or one could say:

Before factories, cloth was produced by self-employed weavers, working from home. Wives and daughters would spin the yarn, and the men would weave it. When factories started up, the quantity of cloth produced by powered looms put them out of business at a stroke.

Many power looms were destroyed by many people, but an actual Mr Ludd went about the country making speeches and rabble-rousing. I think his name was James Ludd, but I'm not sure. 'Luddites' was a handy label for all the people put out of business by the new technology, and furious about it. These people ended up working for starvation wages at the factories, in the end. Plus ca change, eh? in fact i believe that it as general ludd...and that the luddites often called the operation of destroying new machines "General Ludd" the luddites were definatley for the domestic system

your actually wrong

his name was NED, NOT JAMES

thanks, I actually think your clever


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Q: If the Luddites were against the factory system what they were for?
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The luddites protested because they got rid of their jobs for machines.

What were the Luddites protesting about?

The main thing that Luddites protest about would be technology. The things that Luddites detest and dislike the most would be technology and they are against technology.

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The Luddites were groups of men protesting against unemployment and reduced wages caused by mechanisation. There was no leader of the movement - their figurehead was Ned Ludd - a fictional person.

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The Luddites began in Nottingham and grew from there!

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The British working men who rebelled against the changes of the Industrial Revolution by smashing the machines are known as?

They are known as Luddites.

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