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I have a 97 Sonata. I recently had my car NOT turn over at all. I replaced the battery and still nothing. I then jumped on the internet and I read about listening for a "Click" when trying to turn over the engine. I needed a new starter. Once replaced, they changed the alternator belt as well and the car started right up. Maybe a new starter is all you need. (My car also has 170k miles on it and was told it was a very good mile to get a starter replacement. 250.00 bucks for all I believe....

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โˆ™ 2015-07-16 18:20:50
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Q: If the alternator in a 1989 Hyundai Sonata went out and after you replaced it and charged the battery it will not start what could be wrong?
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Why does your battery light stay on you put a new battery in it?

That light doesn't mean that your battery needs to be replaced. It means that your battery is not being charged while the car is running. Have your alternator tested.

What charge the car battery?

The battery is charged by an alternator on modern cars, or by a dynamo on earlier ones.

1996 Taurus battery charging light came on replaced the alternator and the problem seemed to disappear day later light back on battery not getting charged bad alternator?

you may have a bad battery or a bad voltage regulator

Will battery recharge after bad alernator is replaced?

An alternator is designed to keep a fully charged battery at peak level. It is not designed to charge a dead battery. Installing a new alternator on a car with a dead battery can in some cases ruin the new alternator. Fully charge the dead battery before starting the engine.

Will a van start if you need a new alternator?

As long as the battery is fully charged it will start no matter the condition of the alternator. Eventually the battery will run down if the alternator is not keeping it charged.

You've just replaced the battery and alternator in a 1998 Ford Escort. Do you need to let it sit for the battery to charge or is there more to it?

If you replaced the battery with a brand new one, then no. The battery comes from the store with a fuul charge. If it didn't come charged up, then you have bought a defective battery.

Will a car start with a faulty alternator?

As long as the battery is charged

What is the duty of an alternator in a car?

It is there to keep the battery fully charged.

How does an alternator keep a cars battery charged?

An alternator has diodes which transform ac voltage to dc voltage so that the battery gets negative and positive current on its poles thus making the battery to be charged.

Can a car start with a bad alternator?

Yes it can as long as the battery is charged . The purpose of the alternator is to put the power used back into the battery.

Can you start your car with a bad alternator?

Yes it can as long as the battery is charged . The purpose of the alternator is to put the power used back into the battery

Is alternator used once car starts?

The battery "starts" the car...after that the alternator keeps the battery charged. They work together in other words.

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