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If the answer to the question on WikiAnswers is not the solution what do you do?


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November 26, 2008 2:21PM

Several options:

# determine the correct answer, delete the wrong answer, insert the correct answer. # As at 1, but send a little courteous note to the person who put the wrong answer, explaining what you have done and why. # Add your answer (e.g. as Answer 2) beneath the previous answer. Suibsequent readers will see both answers and have to decide which is correct. Sometimes opinions differ, or extra information comes to light, so this can happen sometimes. # Re-work your answer into their answer so that some of what they said remains but you have removed the incorrect data and replaced it with valid info.

# Contact the person who gave the wrong answer, if possible, and respectfully bring to their attention what you know, or think you know! They can respond by correcting their answer, or in other ways! Or you can simply do nothing! This is not entirely satisfactory as the matter will always bug you! But some questions may be highly controversial or beyond any satisfactory universally accepted answer. Such situations are not easy to resolve in one fell swoop!