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How do you change the audio track in a movie?

To change the audio in the Audio/Music track, simply delete it and put something else in its place. To change the audio of a video in the video track, first Mute the audio of the video. Then place alternate audio in the Audio/Music track.

How do you English movie audio convert to Hindi audio?

You need an external audio editor to change the language.

How do you change the audio format from wma to mp3 on a movie clip?

You can change the file name extension (format) with an Audio Converter. Free audio converters are available online. Simply Google: free audio converters.

Can you change your audio to another language?

Use the AUDIO button on your remote control

Change the audio in a video?

Amazing Answerer Says:You can't. You need an audio-editing software.

What does s a p do or mean when programming a v c r?

SAP stands for "Secondary Audio Program". Some stations send two audio streams, for example one in English and one in Spanish.

How do you change the audio settings on RuneScape?

click on the wrench and there you can change the volume, if you want to change the music click on the harp.

How do you change the default audio playback format on XP?


How do yo change a music file type?

Use your audio editor and choose Save As. You can convert audio files into other forms, but MIDI files cannot be converted to audio files.

How can you change a mpeg4 file to a mp3 file?

A mpeg4 file is a mixed-media file (video & audio). If you wish to change it to a mp3 file (which is only audio) download and install a converter on your computer.

What are the difference between television and radio?

They both tune in to stations, but radios only have audio and they play mainly music. Televisions show video as well as play audio, and if you have satellite, some companies do play just music on certain channels.

Equipment needed for FM radio station?

A mic or other audio source, a transmitter and an antenna. Wireless mics are complete FM radio stations.

What is change message?

A change message is a message that has been forwarded many times, and usually contains audio.

How to change the MUSIC of a video using windows movie maker?

First you have to mute the video's audio in Windows Movie Maker. Once the audio portion of the Video is muted, you can import and drop the desired audio you want to use into the Audio/Music track.

How do you change the audio setting on a sharp Aquos model lc-c46700un?

Go into the TVs MENU (audio or set up) to adjust this.

How do you change Windows Movie Maker format to Windows Media Audio format?

To change your Windows Movie Maker audio file name extension (format) to .wma all you need to do is Publish/Finishit.Published video is exported in .wmv format, while audio is mixed-down into .wma format.Simple. Publish/Finish the project audio.

Why do not broadcast stations operate at audio frequencies?

There are at least four hundred reasons.Here are two of them:#1). If two (or 20) stations in your city all broadcast at audio frequencies,then you have to listen to them all at the same time, because you haveno way to separate them.#2). In order for an antenna ... transmitting or receiving .. to do a halfway decentjob, it has to be at least as long as 1/4 wavelength of the signal it's working with.The shortest radio signal at an audio frequency ... 20 KHz ... is about 9,320 miles long.

How to change mp3 songs to audio songs?

Mp3 is a file format commonly used for audio files. This is not the only format but is a very common one. An MP3 file, an audio file, is already a song. There is no possible way of converting an MP3 song to an audio song because 'audio' is not a format to convert to.

Where can you get the song Change by 1 by Last Alliance for free?

Pull the audio off the video that's on YouTube, or try Limewire for just the audio file.

How do you watch in Hindi a dual audio movie?

open the video/movie on vlc media player and press B to change the audio from english to hindi

What are audio adapters used for?

Audio adapters are used for converting a plug into another style of plug. Audio adapters simply help one change the input plug of a certain system to a different input plug.

What radio stations in the San Francisco Bay Area broadcast Michael Savage's radio show?

He is on KSTE Radio (650 AM) which says its signal reaches the San Francisco bay area. He is also online via streaming audio from a number of his affiliated stations.

How can you get a dual-xd1222 audio recevier retain its memory once the car is turn off?

there are 2 power wires that go into the back of the unit. the yellow wire must always be directly connected to the battery. the red wire is switched; when this wire gets power it turns on. the yellow wire must get constant power so it can save your stations. think, you know how when you change the battery in your car or it goes dead you lose your stations and clock? this is because the yellow wire lost the constant power it needs to keep your stations

How do you make a song high pitched in iMovie 2009?

You can't change the key of the audio played back in iMovie. You will need to load the song into an audio editor like Logic or Audacity or Peak to change the key first.

Where does one find audio utilities?

The audio utilities on a Mac computer can be found in the Utilities folder. There you have the ability to change the sound output on your computer to your personal liking.

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