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Hey Bill==It depends on what kind of car you have. The fast idle can eat up gas mileage. It is possible the idle speed control is the culprit or maybe the throtle is hanging as it does in some cars. GoodluckJoe

It could be a defective thermostat, the engine control computer senses a cold engine and sets a fast idle and richer mixture.

There could also be a vacuum leak, which would cause a high idle and poor gas milage.

Often a dirty MAF (mass air flow) sensor can cause this type of symptom. Be careful, they are easy to break and expensive to replace, but thy can be cleaned. vbdenny

You say Tune up was done, I would think the fuel filter was replaced if you did that. There are many reasons for a high idle, including most of the above ones mentioned.

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Q: If the engine idles at 1200 and your gas mileage has dropped to 10-15 MPG even after a tune up and having the fuel injectors cleaned could it be a fuel filter or throttle position sensor or both?
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