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The beneficiary doesn't have that power, but they can petition the court to have it done.

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Can you have your 17 year old removed for doing drugs?

No you can not kick him out for doing drugs. You can however get him help and admitted to a clinic.

What substances are removed by the liver?

The liver tends to remove of harmful substances such as chemicals from drugs and cigarettes. Anything that your body can not handle

Why was baseball and softball removed from the olympic games?

Because too many players test positive for performance enhancing drugs.

What can you take to clean all drugs from system?

Nothing will flush all drugs from your system, except time. Most drugs will remain in your system for an extended period after you stop taking them. All will eventually be removed from your system by the normal biological functioning of your body. Wait long enough and they are gone.

What is anesthesia induced malignant hypothermia?

it is a genetic disease usualy induced in anastesia it is very dangerous and can lead to mortality it is trigered by certain drugs in anastesia but surgery can still be carried out with certain drugs being removed from the anathesia i

What do you do if you were arrested for drugs and it turned out the drugs were Tylenol?

Believe it or not Tylenol can be listed as a drugs, and any prescription your doctor gives to you are listed as drugs.Added; If you are referring to plain old garden-variety, over-the-counter Tylenol - the charges should be dropped and the prosecutor will Nolle Prosse the case against you.If that happens, be sure to contact the PD which arreested you and find out how to have your arrest removed from the records.

What could be a possible solution to the war on drugs?

The easiest way to end the war on drugs is legalization and regulation. Just as prohibition created gansters and bootlegging, prohibition of all drugs has led to the current state of the war on drugs. Simply legalizing drugs and heavily regulating them (much like alcohol or tobacco) would greatly reduce the drug issues in the US. However, many still consider drugs taboo, so society is not ready to adopt this position.

How do Bath Salts affect the respiratory system?

If you are referring to the designer drugs then I can tell that when I was in the hospital for overdoing bath salt drugs myself the attending told me that one man came in the hospital and had to have a lung removed due to bath salt use.

What is the cure for immunologic rejection?

The 4 general treatments for immunological rejection (of organ transplants) are: - immunosuppressant drugs such as corticosteroids - antibody drugs (anti-lymphocytes) - blood transfusions (antibodies removed) - bone marrow transplant (changes immune system)

If Tupac didn't have An Autospy?

If an autopsy had not been performed on Tupac Shakur, many would have taken the position that he had illegal drugs in his system.

Why do people banned bookes?

BANNED books are books that have been removed from a whole district cause of language, homosexuality, witchcraft, racism, drugs, and violence

How do you mask vallium in urine test?

This question cannot be answered here, due to the illegal nature. The whole reason for a urine test to detect drugs is to identify drugs in the system of someone who is in a position where they are supposed to be drug free.

What do you do if a student is on drugs?

If he is on drugs and it is negatively affecting his grades, you can try talking to him. Unfortunatly since you are a teacher (I'm guessing, or at least a position of authority) its not likely he will appreciate any action you take. Try to avoid the police if possible, it would add a permenent record which could hurt his futur as bad as the drugs.

Test that drugs need to undergo before they can be used?

This is to make sure you need the right and safest medication to help you recover your position and health

What drugs does GE test for?

A responsible position at GE would have a very comprehensive drug panel due to the large amount of government work.

What does an OH group at position 3 and 4 of the benzene ring of adrenergic drugs result in?

It results in maximal alpha and beta receptor activity.

What liver enzyme metabolizes medications?

CYP2D6. This enzyme metabolizes some drugs, convert them to a form that can be removed from the body. Genes determine the level of this enzyme in the liver.

Is Bolivia against or for synthetic drugs?

The formal position of the Bolivian Government is that is is firmly against drugs in whatever form. At the same time, Bolivia's (illegal but large) yearly coca crop is a major source for its cocaine trade. And that's a non-synthetic drug. So Bolivia's coca growers and cocaine traffickers will very probably favor 'natural' drugs over synthetic drugs.

Do men and women have the liver enzyme CYP3A4?

Yes, they both do. Its purpose is to oxidize small foreign organic molecules (xenobiotics), such as toxins or drugs, so that they can be removed from the body.

Can drinking or eating pineapple get THC out of your system?

No ! There is no 'quick fix' for ANY illicit drug to be removed from your body ! If you are required to undergo random drug-testing - DON'T DO DRUGS !

How does drugs affect a family?

Drugs affect a family because it breaks up the family and then the young family members around could start doing drugs and selling it at a young age. Also u or other family can go to jail with having the position of illegal drugs. It can break up the family as well because they don't feel the need to do so. Its not worth losing your family and when your in jail you have nobody

How long does it take for drugs to be removed from your system?

Different drugs vary in length. Alcohol takes 24 hours and a hangover. Meth is about 3-5 days to be safe. Pot, as a daily smoker, will take about a month. Cocaine is about the same as meth. And acid... about 7-10 days.

What drugs are medical drugs?

Drugs that are prescribed by a doctor are medical drugs.

Did us military give soldiers drugs for combat?

Probably, the navy seals are given amphetamines (speed) daily. But then again maybe not, because soldiers in Vietnam indulged into drugs like heroin and marijuana that would cause them to be jailed 5-10 years when caught and removed from the military.

What was the motivation to become famous?

drugs drugs drugs

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