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If the father is paying child support then he has some rights and if he doesn't and there is no court document then you don't have to comply to his wishes. However, if he is not living in a desireable neighborhood or does drugs, etc., then you can fight it by going to Child Welfare, but you will run the risk of losing your child if Welfare doesn't find your mother fit to look after your child while you serve time (if you have to.) I suggest you do the easy thing and clean up your act, because Child Welfare or the court system doesn't look kindly on one or both parents getting into trouble with the law, drugs of any sort and lazy parenting.



Child support and custody are considered to separate issues in U.S. courts. In most states the court considers the length of time the parent has been absent from the child life, which means no contact of any sort. Generally a parent who has not had some interaction with their child within the space of a year is deemed an "absentee parent" and a judge can if he or she chooses terminate parental rights.

Unless parental rights have been terminated by the court or voluntarily relinquished by the biological parent, the court will not allow custodial rights to be transferred.

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Q: If the father has moved out of the state and has not spent much time with the baby can the mother give custody to her parents if she gets in trouble with the law without the father knowing or consent?
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