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If the fuel filter is bad will the car not start?


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2007-12-13 02:36:21
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If it is really stopped up it will not let the fuel pass through and cause the car not to crank, but it would have to really bad shape to have zero flow.

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cloged fuel filter, bad fuel pump.

Bad fuel Pump? Bad fuel pump relay? Plugged fuel filter?

Weak fuel pump? Bad fuel/air filter? Water in fuel?

I had this problem with my 95 sidekick. It was the fuel filter gone bad.

Bad fuel pump, blown fuel pump fuse, bad fuel pump relay, or clogged filter.

If fuel filter is plugged car will idle but starve for power as it is getting very little fuel, If fuel pump is bad car will wind over but not start " no fuel going to engine " A little trick I use pound on bottom of fuel tank while engine is turning over if engine starts then you know you have a bad fuel pump

Could be either. Start with replacing the filter then if it still has trouble do a fuel pump pressure and leak down test.

There could be any number of problems causing a no start condition. No fuel, no spark, bad timing, clogged fuel filter, bad fuel pump, ECM bad, ECM fuse bad, Ignition fuse bad.... Too many to list.

Out of gas? Fuel filter plugged?? Bad coil??? Electronic ignition problems???? Fuel pump bad????? And this list could go on and on and on..........

if the fuel FILTER is cloged then the car either wont start if it is real bad or before that it will be real slugish especially going up hills.

It could. Replace the filter and you will then know if that is the culprit.

Fuel filter clogged, fuel pump not running caused by either blown fuse, faulty fuel pump relay, or bad or weak fuel pump.

if changing the fuel filter, and it still stalls out. you have a problem with the fuel not getting to engine.

Still won't start? Does that mean it didn't start before you replaced the filter? Obviously it wasn't the filter. Get back to basics. Test for spark and fuel. A filter is almost never the cause of a no-start.

suspect bad fuel filter first, then fuel pump, alternator or battery, ignition module...

pull the fuse and try to start the car. Turn the car off and replace the fuse, you should hear the pump. Or you can disconnect the fuel line at the fuel filter, turn the switch on and see if fuel sprays out. If neither...bad pump

If your car is stalling a lot, it may be your fuel injector that has gone bad. If your car is hard to start, it may also be a bad fuel injector.

Filter out debris from the fuel.

There are many parts to a car that must be maintained. This problem can be caused by a bad fuel pump, filter, or fuel injectors.Ê

you can take fuel filter out on driver side underneath car crank it over if no fuel comes out pump is bad it would be a good idea to change the fuel filter anyway.

Either the idle is set too low or there is mostlikely a fuel issue... You could have a bad fuel filter or fuel pump.l

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