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it could be a bad fuel filter and fuel pump


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Could be debris (leaves, rodent nests, etc.) blocking the air flow through the radiator.

You could fly or drive. Driving takes 47 hours through the US or 53 hours on the Trans-Canada Highway.

24 mpg city i dont know highway ----------------- Expect rougly 30 MPG highway, could be higher or lower depending on your driving habits.

It depends. If you do a lot of off road driving, it could happen in less than a year or two. If you do mostly highway driving on well-maintained roads, it could be ten years or more.

Take HIGHWAY 100 WEST from Timmins to where HIGHWAY 100 ENDS at HIGHWAY 17. Turn right onto HIGHWAY 17 NORTH. HIGHWAY 17 is part of the TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY network.Take HIGHWAY 17 NORTH. to Manitoba where it will become TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY 1. Continue WEST TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY 1 to TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY 101 WEST to BRANDON at EXIT 348A.TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY 101 bypasses Winnipeg. Take TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY 101 to TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY 1 WEST to BRANDON at EXIT 42B.Continue on TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY 1 WEST through Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, to Kamloops, BC.

Annoying or loud noises. Annoying noises would be young children in the back of the car or other passangers distracted you from your driving. A loud noise could be that of honking horns if you're on a jammed highway. Those are just two examples. Stress of carful driving could do it too.

Could be many reasons such as bad alternator, or bad fuel pump.

It means that you are in prison and dreaming of freedom. Actually, it could mean many things ... or nothing at all.

if the car is chugging (petrol) it means the combustion is not happening, it would either be problem from the source of electric power to the spark plugs, or the spark plugs itself might be faulty, to diagnose them check if the battery is having good charge at least 11 volts, then check the condenser, point condensers, then spark pulg change whatever is necessary after diagnosing and you are ready to go

Check the operation of the cooling fans. However, if you are driving at highway speeds the cooling fan would not be needed, therefore it could be a defective thermostat or a clogged radiator, in which case a radiator shop could clean and refurbish it. If not driving at highway speeds, the check not only the fan, but the thermostatic switch controlling the fan and the fuse/circuit breaker for the fan system

It depends upon how you drive. If you do a lot of highway driving, the brake pads could last up to 100,000 miles. If you do a lot of stop and go driving, the pads could need replacement after 15,000 miles.

It depends what you are driving. If you're driving a helicopter it could be a very short time, but if you are driving a pack of mules, it could take days, or even weeks, depending on the obstinacy and meekness of individuals cmoposing the pack.A car could take a couple of hours or more, but again, cars come in many shapes, sizes and degrees of hotness.

If you wear a water pouch like joggers do on their back and you have a straw going from it and up to your mouth which could be hidden underneath your leathers.

The easiest way to get to the Manatee Memorial Hospital would be to take a helicopter to the hospital. One could also drive there by driving on the highway.

Usualy this is caused by condesation forming in the exhaust system.When the car is driven for a long period and or at highway speeds the exhaust system heats up. Then when it is shut down moisture from the ambient air condenses/collects inside the exhaust,then when you drive the car again the moisture exits the exhaust as steam or even as water dripping from the end of the tailpipe.This is mutch easier to see on a cold day. B

A highway could remove enogh soil that it could expose the aquifer to air and the chemicals, such as tar might contaminate the aquifer as well.

yes, it could if you have too much. Drinking over the 8 glasses a day, or chugging would be the only way.......... I don't know much, but I .

a highway man was in england although they stopped as most of them could get killed

If you have low air in your tire it might cause your car to shake, also if you don't put air in your tires it may cause it to explode while your driving, It could also be caused by your alignment being off.

Traveling by air takes approximately 45 minutes, though this may vary slightly due to wind speed and direction.Driving south on the Parks Highway takes approximately eight hours to reach Anchorage. Alternatively, one could take the Alaska Highway from Fairbanks to Tok, and then the Glenn Highway from Tok to Anchorage, in about twelve hours.

if you get dirt in a transmission while drive 1000 miles you could ruin it. no question about it...

Depends entirely on the type of driving Highway could last up to 50,000 miles City usually need replacing at 30,000 miles

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