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Q: If the fuel filter on a 1999 Kia Sephia is plugged would it cause the check engine light to come on and the car to run badly?
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Got oil in your air filter What is the cause pug 205 1.9des?

the engine is breathing badly,probably worn piston rings or worn valve guides

Why does 1997 Pontiac sunfire start and then shut off?

Perhaps a badly clogged fuel filter?

Would a dirty fuel filter on a 1996 n reg punto 55s make it run badly?

Most definitely! Replace the fuel filter every 36,000 miles at a minimum. A dirty fuel filter will also cause your fuel pump to fail prematurely. It causes the fuel pump to work harder than normal to move the fuel to the engine.

Dodge neon that hesitates badly when taking off?

check the fuel dilevery filter and pump both in the tank

What is the rattling noise in your 2002 Honda crv engine?

Not really enough information given - however - if they are badly out of adjustment you might be referring to the sound of the valves tapping - OR - you are hearing the noise of pre-ignition - perhaps the timing of the engine is off badly.

Can a clogged fuel filter cause 1994 Ford Escort wagon to accelerate badly as if it does not want to move forward and cause the Engine block to shake sometimes?

Maybe, but it sounds like you need to have your fuel injection system looked at carefully and repaired.

Can a engine blow from a broken timing chain?

"Blow" is kinda vague, but it sure can get badly damaged.

What could cause a 1995 Fleet Wood miss badly and sometimes die while being driven?

check your timing ,plugs,wires Also check your earth connections, particularly between engine and body or fuel filter might be on the wrong way or pluged

How do you clean a Nespresso coffee pod machine?

A Bespresso coffee pod machine should be cleaned with a damp cloth when it is not plugged into the power. It should not be put into a dishwasher because that could damage it badly.

Will a small amount of gasoline in a diesel engine damage the engine?

No - a small amount will not damage the engine, though may cause it to run badly. However, a larger amount can cause serious damage, and the tank and engine should be drained.

Can timing effect a engines performance?

Absolutely, a badly timed engine can run like a heap of S--t

What would cause a car to run very badly with the idle air control unplugged but cut off and not run when it is plugged in?

A hole or crack in the tube leading from the MAF sensor over to the throttle body.

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