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A hole or crack in the tube leading from the MAF sensor over to the throttle body.

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Q: What would cause a car to run very badly with the idle air control unplugged but cut off and not run when it is plugged in?
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What would cause a 2003 sienna to run when a code scanner is plugged in but not work when it is unplugged?

the scanner/code reader needs to be plugged in the obd2 connector to get power if you don't plug it in how can the tool work

Can unplugged mas cause check engine light?

Yes, an unplugged sensor can cause a check engine light.

What can cause power loss at the fuel pump when plugged in but have power when unplugged on a 1996 Cadillac Sedan De Ville?

Try switching out the relay for the fuel pump. the pump seems ok but its not getting voltage while plugged in. If its not the relay it might be the fuel pump fuse. It could be something else in the circuit

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If you performed this task with the computer running (power on), you may have shorted out the sound card. Always, when installing or removing any electrical/sound connection from the back of a PC, turn it off first.

What all can cause engine power loss in a 1995 Saturn?

A plugged fuel filter, A plugged catalytic converter,

What cause 350 motor will not run over 40 mph?

Could be a plugged fuel filter or a plugged catalytic converter.

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What would cause your 94 cavilier to want to die after driving long distances?

Plugged fuel filter. Plugged catalytic converter.

Your car does not have power when pushing on gas?

The most common cause for an engine to lose power is a plugged fuel line or nonworking fuel pump. A plugged air filter can also cause the problem.

A wire came unplugged by your emergency brake in the middle console could this cause your key to get stuck in the acc position?

NO, an unplugged wire is electrical, and the turning of the ingnition lock cylinder is purely mechanical. Therefore there is no cause/effect relationship between the two. What you describe is pure coincidence, and not a cause for the sticking lock cylinder.

Would a plugged oil gallery in the head cause a 350 Chevy to smoke really bad out of same bank as the plugged head?


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What cause to lose power in a 1992 cadallic when going 65-70 car does not shut off when just have no power?

Plugged catalytic converter Plugged fuel filter Plugged air filter

Would an un plugged coolant temp sensor cause misfiring on 1994 Chevy beretta 3.1?

No it would not only a bad (ICM) Ignition control module or a bad injector would...

What mechanical problems can cause a loss of gas mileage?

Dirty air filter faulty oxygen sensor fouled or old sparkplugs malfunctioning injectors plugged ecv (emissions control valve)

Can a plugged air filter cause the ac not to blow?

A plugged cabin air filter could cause poor air circulation coming out of the ac vents but you would still hear the blower motor running.

What would cause a Plymouth Voyager to chug and lose power?

Plugged air or fuel filter Plugged catalytic converter Loose timing chain

Why does my stereo only play AM and not FM my 2001 Kia Rio1?

The antenna wire being unplugged from the antenna can cause this.

What would cause 1990 Corolla to starve for fuel?

Plugged fuel filter

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1988 ford aerostar transmission is overheating what is the cause?

Low coolant? Radiator plugged or air flow restricted? Transmission cooler line crimped , plugged or disconnected?