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2008-05-26 13:06:06
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Q: If the guy you really like likes another girl but flirts with you all the time does it mean he likes you what would you do?
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What do you do if your boyfriend says he really likes you but flirts with your best friends?

He is not acting like he respects you and I would call him on it.

How do you figure out if a boy you have a crush on and you have liked for a really long time that flirts with you and stuff but he does that to almost all the other girls likes you?

You would probably need to get someone to ask him.

If you like a boy but he likes another girl and the girl likes him back is that love for you?

not technically, if he is really interested in you and you bring your relationship further it mite turn into love. if he likes another girl.......well i would move on

What should you do-middle school-i like boy with girlfriend-flirts with you-friend asked if he liked?

If you are in middle school and a boy flirts with you, but has a girlfriend, you should ignore his flirting. Even if he likes you, he still has a girlfriend. You should respect his relationship with the other girl since you would not want him to flirt with another girl if he was your boyfriend.

I know he flirts but what does he do if he really likes you?

Does he flirt with other girls? He might not be there just for you, cupcake. If he doesn't ask him if he likes you. if he does flirt with other girls you will know if it is you who he likes because out of all the others you will receive a different type of flirt like if he's always playing with them when it comes down to you it would be different he would play wit you but add on a little talking or hugging etc.

What would you do if you thought you were in love with a guy in your class and some of the other guys and girls say that he likes you?

Well ask him. Talk to him try to become friends with him. If he flirts with you he most likely likes you.

If you write a guy a note would he like you?

depends if you like him then flirt a little don't write him a note . if he flirts back he likes you . then ask him out.

What is this you overheard a guy say to his friends he thinks you like him and then laughs you m not sure what kind it is but all the while he flirts with you more than anyone what is this?

I think this guy is making a laugh of you with his freinds.So i would stay away from him. If he really likes you he would not laugh at you in anyway.

What should you do if a boy keeps texting you and your friend because he likes both of you?

that's really weird but i think he's just kinda confused, but would you like a guy who likes you but likes another girl??

How do you confess your love to a girl?

you can write a letter, just plain tell her, wait a while and figure if she likes you back (if she flirts)telling her would be the best

Does rouge the bat like knuckles the echidna?

If she did she would be evil. no she has a evil heart. she kills and she flirts. knuckles likes Amy Knuckles only likes amy as a friend! Rouge likes knuckles but knuckles likes her more than she likes him. (oh and rouge is not evil shes my fav character)

How can you be sure that a girl likes you if she flirts with other guys and you're friends but if you asked her out and she said no she would tell all of her girlfriends?

The girl proably likes you she just doesn't want you to know because shes not ready yet, or she reallylikes oneof your friends and just flirts with everyone else just to cover up the crush!

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