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if you are shootin to the right then the left is the defensive and the right offensive.

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Q: If the half-court line separates the court into two what is the name of each side?
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What is the line on a basketball court that divides it into 2?

The halfcourt line

What is the line called that divides the volleyball court in half?

the halfcourt line

How do you run a half court suicide drill?

On our court there are additional lines, one between the baseline and freethrow line "we'll call this line A" and one between the freethrow line and halfcourt "we'll call this line B" that I use. I believe the extra lines are for volleyball. So I line A, freethrow line, B and halfcourt for our suicides.

Did Michael Jordan dunk from halfcourt?

No one can dunk from half court, but Michael could dunk from the foul line.

What is the 10' line for in volleyball?

attack line that separates the front court from the back court

What is the midline called on a basketball court?

it is the half court line which separates the different halves.

How many seconds do you have to get across the halfcourt line in basketball?

in the nba and recreation you have 10 seconds. in street you can choose how many seconds you have to cross the halfcourt line you can even choose not to have a time limit at all!

What is a line that separates two places?

A line that separates two places is a boundary line.

What is the ten foot line used for in volleyball?

The 10ft line is commonly known as the attack line. This line separates back court from front court. No back court player may be in the front court and attack the ball when it is completely above the net. They may jump from behind this line as long as no part of their foot is in contact with the line and attack the ball.

What line separates the land from the Sky?


The volleyball line that separates the front row from the back row is called?

It's called the attack line.inside the court dere r oni 3 lines a line in the middle 2 separate the 2 sides 2 attacking lines 1 on each sides

What is the line that separates day and night?

The line that separates the day and night is called the "TERMINATOR". it is a grey moving line

What is an asscut from Toy Story?

It is the cut or long line that separates the buttocks cheeks from each other.

What is the name of each line in basketball?

Center Court Line, Free Throw Line and Base Line.

What is the name of the line on a map which separates two countries?

Radcliffe line separates India and Pakistan

What do you call the line that separates the parts of a fraction?

It is the solidus line that separates the numerator from the denominator in a fraction

Playing areas on a volleyball court?

The indoor court is 9X9 meters on each side. Also their is a line 3m back from the net on each side. The beach court is 8X8 meter and does not have a 3m line.

How are tennis court lines referred to as?

Tennis court lines are referred to as the "baseline", "service line", "singles line", "doubles line", and "center line". There is also a small "center mark" protruding from the court in the middle of each baseline.

What separates day from night?

Terminator is the twilight zone or "grey line" is a moving line that separates the day from night.The line around the Earth that separates the night side from the day side is called the "terminator".

What size of wooden planks do you use for a basketball court?

First, the basketball court should measure 94 feet from baseline to baseline and 50 feet from sideline to sideline. The halfcourt line should be marked in the middle, 47 feet from either baseline. The 'jump circle' at halfcourt must have a 2 foot radius and be surrounded by a second circle that has a 6 foot radius. From each baseline, measure 18 feet and 10 inches to mark your free throw line and the length of the 'lane', which should measure 16 feet total width. The 3 point arc in the NBA is 22ft to the center of the rim on the sides ( the arc starts 5 ft 3 in from the baseline, being a straight line until that point) then the curved part of the arc is 23ft. 9 in. from the center of the rim.

What are boundary lines of a map?

A line that separates two continents. Such as the international boundary line. that separates Mexico from the United States

What is the line that separates the light side of the moon and the dark side?

the terminator is the line that separates light and dark sides of the moon.

In a fraction what does the line represent?

The line separates the numerator and the denominator.

A yellow line separates traffic moving in the same direction?

False. A yellow line separates traffic moving in opposite directions.

What is the highest court in the US?

The US Supreme Court is the highest court in the US. Each state has its own Supreme Court, but the US Supreme Court is the end of the line.