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This is very very complicated but, it is very possible to open this hood. You could get under the hood (if possible loosen the panel) and physically make the latch operate, if that is not possible you could take off the bumper, then take off, thenn take off the grill and use a flathead screwdriver to wedge it off. The second method takes more work but very possible, good luck with this.

Get a piece of thick welding rod appo. 30in. to bend and make a tool .1st, bend 90d @1 inch. 2sec. bend 45d@ 4inch. 3rd. bend @ end 90d appo. the last 3in of the rod. now you nedd to slip this in behind the latch and hook the release .this is between the hood and the radiator core support. you are fishing for the release you will pull it to the drivers side of the car. it really helps if you can find a Cadillac deville 1985 fwd to 1993 fwd look at the latch and you will see how this tool will work.GOOD LUCK!

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Q: If the hood release cable broke on your 1990 Cadillac Sedan DeVille how can you open the hood?
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