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the mother of the child took the father off child support because she was not satisfied with the child support payments.

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2009-06-05 05:45:04
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Q: If the mother of a child took the father off child support can they put him back on?
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If you are 24 years old and your mother is now receiving back child support from the father are you allowed to get the child support from the mother?

no it goes to the mother.

If a got married can the mother collect back child support from my father?

Marriage of the mother, father or child have no relationship to the collection of a debt.

If a child turns 18 does the father that didn't pay child support still owe back child support to the mother in SC?

The father probably still owes the back child support, but it may become more difficult to collect.

Can a mother file for back child support if the father has been in jail most of the child's life?


My mother never paid child support for my sister and I. We are now over the age of 18. Can my father sue to get back child support?


Can you sue your biological father for back child support if your mother received welfare?

If you're in the US, no, a child cannot sue his parent for child support (payment for child support is not due to the child).

The child is now 15. What will happen to the father paying child support and back child support if you get back together after 15 years?

Petition the court for a modification. If the back support was for any state aid the mother was on, then it can't be forgiven. If it isn't for that, then the mother can write a letter saying she forgives the back support owed to her.

If you send your child to the father for a year should you be required to send him the child support money back?

Yes, its child support. If the money is not used to support the child then its being misused. Alimony would be to support you. If the father is looking after the child, then he should not be paying child support to the mother - she doesn't have the cost of looking after the child at that time. In fact, the mother may well be in a position to send chilod support to the father - it goes both ways and she is responsible for the child just as much as the father is.

Should a father pay back child support when the mother refused to let the father see the child?

The two concepts are not related. Payment of child support is a financial responsibility. It does not depend on whether you see your children or not.

Can a mother come back to the father for child support after he has relinquished his parental rights eleven years ago?


Does the father have to continue paying child support if he moves back in with the mother?

Yes, until the order is overturned, and provided the mother is not on Welfare.

If the fathers name is on the birth certificate does he have to pay child support if he and the mother aggree not to?

If the mother doesn't seek a child support order no one will make the father pay. However, keep in mind that the mother can always change her mind and get back child support in the future. If the child and/or mother are receiving any state assistance the father will be required to pay child support.Fathers are responsible for supporting their children. If the mother doesn't need the child support then she should put it in the bank for the child's collegeeducation.

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