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Your mother should have pursued your father in court for child support when you were young. In most jurisdictions you have no legal standing to sue your father for child support now, and especially if there was no original child support order. If there was an order at some time your mother may be able to sue for arrears but that seems not to be the case.

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Q: How long does an adult child have to sue for back child support if a child support order was never issued?
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Can and adult child get child support from the father who never paid child support?

Absolutely. Check with a family lawt attorney or your local child support office for more information.

If a parent never paid child support while the child was a minor is the child entitled to any back child support now that the child is an adult?

yes dead beat.

Can an adult child collect on deceased parent's benefits if they never paid court ordered child support?

The adult child might have a claim on the deceased parent's estate.

Will child support be stopped if your child lives in Indiana but the court order was issued in Illinois and the child is now 18 and you were never married?

Every state honors child support orders. The original support order would stipulate when the support is to end.

Where you can complain if the seamans father never give a financial child support?

If there's a court order for child support and he is not paying you have to report him to the same court that issued the order.

Can you sue for child support if your over 18 and your mother never filed for it in Virginia?

No, not likely. If you are over 18 yrs. of age, you are considered an adult, and child support is exactly what it is...."child-support" for CHILDREN, not adults!

Can an adult from Colorado file a child support claim for a father that never supported him a child in Colorado?

If there was an order entered, the statute of limitations never expires on unpaid child support. If there was never an order entered, you're not going to get one entered at this point.

Can an adult in Texas file a child support claim for a father that never supported her as a child?

Up until the child turns age 18 and even if the father was never notified of the existence of the child, as is common.

Can a child over the age of 30 sue parent for back child support?

No. Very few states allow for child support to be issued 30 years after birth, but even if you lived in one that did, child support is an obligation paid to the other parent and is never owed directly to the child.

If the mom never filed for child support and now the child is 17 can she make the father pay?

I think she is to late now, the boy is almost a adult what will she get.

Can a 35 year old adult child collect back child support from his biological father in new york state after the mother who never filed for child support is dead?

No. The statute of limitations for child support arrears in New York is twenty years from the date of the default. However, in your case it seems that your mother never obtained a court order for child support. You have no cause of action.

Can your dad have to pay child support if he never did and your adult now?

In most states, no. The statute of limitations in most states require that child support be requested before the child reaches the age of majority. If you are past the age of majority, your mother cannot request child support anymore.

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