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Emancipation must be granted through a court

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Q: If the mother who has legal custody of her son cannot be contacted can the father who has physiclal custody emancipate him and send him to live with his girlfriend's family?
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Do the father have the right to emancipate daughter if mother does not agree?

O9nly if he has primary custody, or family is intact.

Can a 16 year old child decide who she wants to live with when you have custody?

not until they either emancipate themselves or until they turn 18

Can your mother who has custody give you custody if you are 16?

Do you mean can she agree to emancipate you? Even if she's willing to agree to it, the court still has to approve it, which means that you would have to meet all of your state's requirements for emancipation, such as having the ability to fully support yourself.

Who has legal custody of my 18yr son and his 16yr girlfriends baby were in Oh?

She has sole custody and he has no legal rights to the child, but he has to pay child support. Provided he's not in jail.see links

Girlfriends has custody of her grandchild other grandparents are taking her to court for custody she also going through divorce was told i cant live with her n be around grandchild in va is this true?

If this is court ordered.

Can a teenager in Illinois move out if they have sole custody of their child?

Having a child does not emancipate a person. You are still a minor and under the control and authority of your parents until you turn 18.

How can I emancipate myself at age 16 or 17?

You have to go through the court system saying that you parent of gaurdian is willing to give you up. Then you legally get full custody of your self.

If a custody hearing fails can you emancipate yourself and move in with the parent of your choice at age fifth-teen?

I assume you mean fifteen... No, you can't do that. That's not the purpose of emancipation.

Can you put your 16 year old out of the home?

No! 16 year olds are minors. Unless you emancipate them or sign custody over to someone else. Otherwise it is illeagle - and NOT right!!!

Why are consider adult at 17 when you're police custody?

It depends on why you are in custody. In many instances, like traffic violations, minors are automatically remanded to the adult court system. That's why your parents do not have to be contacted or notified for traffic violations.

Does you being a convicted felon hurt your girlfriends custody battle?

If she lives with you it sure could, especially if the child's father is fighting her for custody of the child. He will use your criminal background as evidence of the child being around a "bad influence."

Is it legal to move out of the house at age 17 in Georgia if your parents wont allow you?

* No, They have full custody of you intill your 18, unless you emancipate. But at your age, I would just wait it out another year in my opinion.

Do prince Jackson wants agirlfriend?

Think about it. Do you think that after losing his father and having the stress of who would have full custody on him, would he be thinking of girlfriends? Especially since he's only 13 years-old? No.

When you emancipate yourself from a parent with full custody can you legally appoint your self a new gaurdian?

Why? You just emancipated yourself. The court isn't going to revoke that and appoint someone else as a guardian. If you aren't willing to take the responsibility to take care of yourself, you are not ready to be emancipated.

Can you adopt your girlfriends child if you are not married and the father signed the birth certificate but can't be found?

You can certainly apply for custody, it would then be up to the court to decide what is the best interest of the child.good luck and God bless

How can you can you use the word custody in a sentence?

The couple have shared custody of their child.The suspect is in custody.

If you are 15-years-old and you live with your mom who has custody but you want to live with your dad can you become emancipated?

You could still live with your mom and your dad, but you need to leave when your 18 by yourself. But if you don't want to you could stay with your dad... if your mom lets you. That's what I think. Your mom can give consent and you don't have to go through a process, but yes you can emancipate at 15. Or wait it out until you're 18. if there's something serious going on just tell your father, too, and he can bring it up in court and get custody. What you're talking about is not emancipation. It's a change of custody. Dad would have to petition the court for custody.

If you have sole custody and your ex has physical custody can you keep her?

You cannot have sole custody without physical custody. If your ex has physical custody, you are the non-custodial parent.

What is judicial custody and police custody?

Judicial custody is when you are held by order of a judge and are not necessarily charged with anything.Police custody is when you are charged with something and are in the custody of the police.

Does permanent custody supersede temporary custody?

Yes. Temporary custody is usually limited to the time period stated on the custody order. It must be renewed. Temporary custody would be extinguished by a permanent custody order.

Who has child custody in divorce when their is no custody set?

The parents have assumed joint custody.

How do you file for sole custody of a child?

If I have temporary joint custody, can I get sole custody?

Can a mother who has joint physical custody of her son pierce his ears without the consent of the father?

If the father has legal custody, no. Not without his consent. If she has joint legal custody, no. Not without his consent. If she has sole legal custody, yes.If the father has legal custody, no. Not without his consent. If she has joint legal custody, no. Not without his consent. If she has sole legal custody, yes.If the father has legal custody, no. Not without his consent. If she has joint legal custody, no. Not without his consent. If she has sole legal custody, yes.If the father has legal custody, no. Not without his consent. If she has joint legal custody, no. Not without his consent. If she has sole legal custody, yes.

How can a third party gain custody of a child without both parents being contacted?

They can't. A parent has a legal right to be notified and present at any legal action regarding their children, especially in cases where their parental rights may be terminated.

Is legal custody sole custody?