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If you are saying the starter turns over but does not turn the engine over, then I would suspect a defective starter solenoid. It is possible the flywheel has a broken tooth but not likely. Remove the starter and have it tested.

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What part does a wheel turn on?

The wheel turns on an axle.

What does the wheel turn on a wheel and an axle?

The wheel generally turns the axle.

When wheel B turns 2 revolutions wheel A turns 5 revolutions When wheel A turns 40 revolutions how many revolutions does wheel B turn?


When wheel b turns 2 revolutions wheel a turns 5 revolutions when wheel a turns 40 revolutions how many revolutions does b turn?

Its 16

How does a car work?

First, you will accelerate the car by turning on the key. When the key turns, the turned key, which is a sensor, accelerates the motor. If the motor accelerates, and turns eventually, it would turn the cylindrical metal shaft which is connected to the rear end of the axle which will turn the wheel, and ultimately, the ground. This is the way it moves.

Is a electric motor use to change mechanical energy into electrical energy?

No, that is a Generator. A motor is used to turn electrical energy into a rotissary action. A car wheel is a motor, as it uses the electrical energy from the battery, and the chemical energy from the fuel to turn the wheel. A generator is something like a wind turbine, as it turns the rotissary action of the turbine from the wind into electricity.

How Motor turns into a generator?

Assuming that the motor contains a permanent magnet, simply connect the motor to the load and turn it.

What wheel is going to turn more going around the block once the big wheel or small wheel?

small wheel turns more than a big wheel

Is an egg beater a wheel and axle?

The handle of an egg beater is the axle, it turns a wheel, which in turn rotates the beaters.

Why the egg beater is wheel and axle?

The handle of an egg beater is the axle, it turns a wheel, which in turn rotates the beaters.

What is wrong if your fiber optic tree motor that turns the light wheel stopped working and a little oil did not help and the light works but the color wheel does not turn?

Do you hear the motor running? If there is no sound, the motor has probably burnt out and needs to be replaced. If you do hear the motor running, you've probably stripped a gear. They can sometimes be replaced, but it might be more cost effective to replace it.

Why can't I use a 5hp electic motor to turn a 10hp wheel?

Because a 5hp motor does not have enough power to turn a 10hp load.

What is meant by load on a motor?

It is basically the work the motor is doing. In your car the motor turns the crankshaft which in turn moves the car. The resistance applied by the crankshaft against the job of the motor to turn it, represents the load.

How does a wheel and axle work?

it works on the way the wheel spins and how the axle makes it where the wheel can spinwhen you turn one part the part turns. :)

How does a rudder turn a boat?

A wheel is connected to the rudder, when you turn the wheel it turns the rudder. The water flowing by the boat is pushed in either direction by the orientation of the rudder.

What would cause vibration in steering wheel when you turn?

Depending on the severity of the vibration, could be a bad tire (worn on edges) creating a "wobble" on turns, or may be a bad wheel bearing (cv joint)

What revolutions occur in the movement of a car?

The Crank shaft turns and causes the cam shaft to turn, the pumps to turn, the alternator to turn, the transmission gears to turn, the transmission causes the drive shaft to turn, the drive shaft causes the differential to turn (in rear wheel drive models) this turns the axles and the axles turn the wheels. In a front wheel model, the transmission turns the axles shaft that turns the wheels. In a 4x4 the transmission splits to turn the front drive shaft and the rear drive shaft. (then the differential and the axles etc. The other thing that is counted is the steering wheel but it never really completes a whole revolution.

What is wrong with your car if you turn the lights on and it turns off the motor?

It could either be your transmission or your car battery. Most likely you need a new battery for your car.

What way does the distributor turn when a 5.8 liter ford motor turns over?


In your 1999 Pontiac grandprix se when you turn the wheel to the right you get a rattling noise and sometimes while idleing what could be causing it?

my guess is the lower motor mount

Grinding noise when you turn a corners?

The most common problem is that the cv joints are worn but could also be a wheel bearing. If it is the wheel bearing the noise will be constant if it is the sv axle then its most common time of hearing it will be when you turn and it may even bind up on sharp turns.

How big does a water wheel have to be to power a 20 watt light bulb?

There isn't one set answer to this. It's going to depend on the output of the generator powered by the water wheel, the revolutions at which the wheel turns (and in turn, turns the generator shaft), etc.

Why does my 1998 Lincoln Continental is hard to start?

turn the key the motor turns over but will not start

Your steering wheel turns itself the power steerin fluid is full you cant turn your wheel when you stop your wheel turns itself in multiple circles what is wrong?

Internal seal in the Rack & Pinion steering. You probably shouldn't drive it until you get it fixed.

Where would could you buy a synchronous motor AC12V 5060Hz that is used to turn the color wheel on a fiber optic witch?

Where can i get my 2 fiber optics dragons fix

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