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Before I answer this question let me start by saying the bulb is not available from dealer or any auto parts store or any ordinary retail light store such as Radio Shack. I had to improvise by finding a bulb that fit in the bulb holder with wire leads that would work in a 12volt system.The bulb I used was from a surplus store with no identifying marks so I don't have part number.The dealer says they send out the dashes for rebuild units.So be prepared to search for a bulb.

The first step disconnect the battery then next remove the dashboard you will find most the screws are torx screws and two 10mm bolts located thru a opening in the glovebox.Once you remove the dashboard cover you will see the 2 wire connectors that connect to instrument cluster. Unplug the connectors then remove the torx screws that hold the fascia to the cluster. Then pull gently to remove fascia to gain access to instrument cluster. Remove the torx screws that hold the cluster and lift cluster out of dash panel. On back of cluster you will see a cover that is paper on one side and metal film on other side. Remove and you will see a few bulb sockets that look like to remove you turn them by hand. Well it is none of these bulbs you want.The bulb you want is removed with a small screw driver. the bulb has a slot form in the back for a flat blade screw driver. That is your bulb. Now you have to find a bulb that you can modify to fit that holder. When you get this far you will have a view of what I am talking about. Good Luck P.S. To install reverse removal procedures.

A 12 volt white mini Christmas light will work, although I am not sure how long it will last.

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Q: If the odometer light on your 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier has gone out is this something you can fix yourself?
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If the odometer light on your 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier gone out is this something you can fix yourself?

Yes,first remove the top of the dash,then the bezel that covers the cluster and the radio and such,unplug the cluster, remove the screwes that mount it,look at the back of the cluster and twist the little bulb holder.

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