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The old president remains president up until the moment the new president is sworn in.

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Q: If the president is not yet sworn in who is president?
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When did she sworn in as president?

There have been no female presidents as of yet, but there have been women who have run for president.

Is Barack Obama the presdenit?

Barack Obama is the president elect. This means that he has been chosen to be president of the United States but has not yet been sworn in. Until he is sworn in George Bush will be the acting president

What does president elected mean and how is it different from president?

The president elect is someone who has been elected president but who has not yet been sworn in, or officially taken office. It is still occupied by the current outgoing president. The President still has the job of being president until the president-elect has been sworn in.

What does president-elect mean?

It means the person won the election but they have not yet been sworn into office. Barack Obama won the election so he is currently President-elect but he cannot yet take any official actions as President. He will be sworn in on January 20, 2009 at which point he officially becomes President and assumes all the powers and responsibilities of that office.

Did a vice president get sworn in when president Kennedy died and Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as president?


Why is the vice president sworn in before th president?

The answer is on:Why does the vice president of the US get sworn in before the president does?

Where does the president get sworn at?

The president get sworn in at Washington D.C. On Janusry 20th at noon.

Who is sworn in on inauguration day?

The newly elected President of the United States is sworn in on Inauguration Day. The Vice President is also sworn in on this day.

What happens if a person is elected president but they die before they are sworn in?

The assistant president will be sworn into office.

In What year did the 44th president get sworn in?

he was sworn in the year 2009

Why is the vice president sworn in before the president?

Because if the President elect is shot or killed before sworn in the vice President will be able to take the place as President.

Who is sworn in before the president?

the vice-president