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Q: If the sex cells have the same number of chromosomes as body cells would sexual reproduction be possible?
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The correct number of chromosomes is maintained during sexual reproduction by?

No of chromosomes is maintained by meiosis and fertilization .

How is meiosis related to sexual reproduction?

it is related by the chromosomes in the sexual reproduction

How is the correct number of chromosomes maintained during sexual reproduction?

by doing it

What does the reshuffling of chromosomes in sexual reproduction increase?

The division of chromosomes :)

What is required for cell sexual reproduction?


What is the process during sexual reproduction in which the number of chromosomes per cell is cut in half?


The reduction of the chromosomes number during meiosis is most important for?

maintaining the chromosome number during sexual reproduction

Why cant mitosis provide for sexual reproduction of offspring that contain the same number of chromosomes as the parent?

Offspring cannot have the same number of chromosomes as the parent. The offspring gets half of the parent chromosomes.

What is sexual and asexual propagation?

sexual reproduction involves the production of gametes ie with half of the number of chromosomes of the corresponding species.asexual reproduction does not involves the production of gametes,it occurs by fission and fragmentation.

Where does an organics produced by sexual reproduction get its chromosomes from?

Cherry Tree

The structure on which chromosomes move during mitosis?

sexual reproduction

Each parent donated 23 of what in sexual reproduction?


How does sexual reproduction affect genetic traits?

Sexual reproduction has the ability to vary the number of genetic traits possible. These traits would otherwise be limited through asexual reproduction.

How many chromosomes are recieved during sexual reproduction?

During sexual reproduction, half of the chromosomes for the new organism are received from each parent. In humans, this means that 22 chromosomes are received from each parent, 44 chromosomes in total.

What is the condition of a cell when it only has one of each chromosomes?

This is sex sells (gametes, sperm and egg).They have haploid number of chromosomes and used for sexual reproduction

How many chromosomes would be in the zygotes of an onion cell after sexual reproduction?

1. If this onion would complete the process of sexual reproduction, how many chromosomes would be in the zygotes that are produced?

Explain the cause of differences in number of cell and chromosomes after mitosis and meiosis?

Mitosis is single cellular reproduction, whereas meiosis is sexual cellular reproduction (between gametes). Thus, mitosis does not change the number of chromosomes, but meiosis doubles the original number.

How do genes and chromosomes behave during meiosis and sexual reproduction?


What gets passed from one cell to another in sexual reproduction?


What would happen if chromosome number were not reduced before sexual reproduction?

Then your cells would have twice the number of chromosomes, which would be bad. I think.

Is the presence of large number of chromosomes in an organism a hindrance to sexual reproduction?

No. Sexual reproduction process does not depend upon the number of chromosomes in an organism. Chromosome numbers usually are expressed in sets. 2 sets of chromosomes are present in body cells of organisms. For example, human bears 23 pairs which means 46 numbers of chromosomes. The cells with 2 sets of chromosomes are called diploid cells (2n) and haploid cells contain only one set (n) of chromosomes. Gamete cells are always haploid which are obtained by meiosis cell division of diploid cells. In sexual reproduction fusion of two haploid gametes (male and female) results in formation of zygote which id diploid.So, the number of chromosomes present ina cell whether it is small (cat - 38 chromosomes) or large (butterfly- 380 chromosomes) does not affect sexual reproduction.

How does meiosis maintain a constant number of chromosomes?

Meiosis creates gametes, which are the cells involved in sexual reproduction (sperm and ova/eggs). Gametes contain half the number of chromosomes as a somatic (non-sex) cell. This means that when the two gametes join (fertilization), the resulting organism now has the correct number of chromosomes - half from each gamete. So, although meiosis produces cells with half the number of chromosomes - the correct number results after sexual reproduction.

What is the the type of reproduction that produces a new organism with identical chromosomes to those of the parent organism?

It is sexual reproduction

Why does sexual reproduction reproduction result in more genetic variation in a species?

It mixes the chromosomes of the two parents

Why cant mitosis provide for the sexual reproduction of offspring that contain the same number of chromosomes as the parents?

Because chromosomal number will be doubled from generation to generation.