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If the stomach just above the genitals is 0 degrees at what angle should a normal erection be?


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There is no "normal" mate! It just depends on what your body is.

As long as your penis is hard, why bother? A hard penis gets the job done!


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Erection is a normal function and getting enjoy have a long time time erection so why you stop erection?

yeah, its normal. it just means that your penis stretches a lot when you have an erection

yes you can have an erection at any time of your life - most babies get them as well

Male body feelings are really centered on their genitals. However, the chest and face and neck are also very sensitive. The inside of a guys legs, right next to the genitals, and also rubbing on a guys pubic hair area will certainly give a normal guy an instant erection

yes An erection can be stronger in some people than others and also at different times depending on what is arousing them. It is not unusual for it to stand straight up at attention.

This is entirely natural and normal.

Its perfectly normal for that to happen, it just means that you are excited.

The loss of erection after ejaculation is normal no matter what's going on, for most men the best stimulation ever still won't make him maintain an erection, he'll loose it no matter what.

yes the penis should point either forward or up. It depends on how strong the erection is. The more excited and stimulated you are the harder it will get. Not all erections point upwards so it is normal for you.

Perfectly normal for this to happen.

Is it normal to get a erection from Margret fatcher. No.

if you had an erection then its normal its called puberty

This is completely normal. Any physical stimulation to the penis, including just pulling back the foreskin, can cause an erection. This is a sign of a normal functional penis.

Any contact between your penis or vagina and someone else can be stimulating. Stimulation, touch, grinding should cause an erection in the male & enhanced blood flow for a woman. So; yes it is normal to get a erection while grinding.

it normal to have a cold stomach during pregnancy

No it is not unless he has a fetish to it of course.

No, it's normal, especially for teenage boys!

Nothing, an erection at age 13 is completely normal. Like the person before me it is normal. You are just going through puberty.

The normal pH of the stomach is about 2-3 and is caused by a high concentration of HCl secreted by the parietal cells of the stomach.

The Ph of a stomach in normal condition is around 3 because of the acids.

It is not normal. Your erection is too small to see, therefore not noticeable.

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