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A person can have several liens in their names and still have a car put in their names.... NOW, if we are talking a bad debt lien, it will depend on the lender. It is best to be up front with the finance person first--they would know if they have a lender who will over look the lien. As far as buying the car from an individual--it shouldn't matter.

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Can you put a lien on a car that is in your name so you can get the down payment back?

No. You cannot place a lien against yourself.

Can I get the lien off of a vehicle that is no good and put it on another vehicle that is in my name?

If I have a car in my name with a lien on it and the car Is only god for scrap metal can I put the loan lien on my wifes car if she transfers the car to me.

Can a debt collector put a lien on your car if it is registered to your spouse?

No, if it is your debt only and your name is not on the car. Unless you used the car for collateral for a loan, they can't put a "lien" on it anyway.

Can bank put a lien on home or judgment against you if car cannot be found?


How would you put a lien on a car from out of state?

How to put a lien on a car in Arizona when I live in Washington state

Can you put a lien on someone if they do not own a home?

Answer Lein on propertyIf you have a legal judgment against someone, you can put a sheriff's lien on anything they own(home/car/paychecks) etc.

Can you put a lien on a car if you have the title?

That would be counterproductive if the title you hold is in your name. If you are holding the title for someone else, a lien would only make a difference when they sell the car--and it has to meet certain criteria.AnswerNo. You cannot place a lien on your own property legally since there is no separation of title. A lien gives the lien holder a legal interest in the property of another. If you are holding property in your name for someone else, the title is in your name and you cannot place a lien against it.

Can you put a lien on a Texas car bonded title?

Yes, you can put a lien on a bonded title.

What does it mean to have a Lien placed against you?

It means that someone who you likely owe money to has gone to a government office and had alien put on you. That means whateverpiece of property they put the lien on, if it was a car per say, if it was totaled and the insurance paid it, then the lien-holder (the person who put the lien on you) would get the amount of the lien from the insurance before you got the rest of the check.

Can a buyer put a lien against property if you decided not to sell to them?

English letter sample - car transfer ownership

How much money do you get for a car lien?

Answer lien on car?i let someone borrow 1100.00. he doesn't own a home. and he has a cr with a loan on it. can i put a lien on the car??

Can you file a lien on own car to prevent another from filing a lien on your car?

You cannot file a lien on your own car to prevent another from filing a lien on your car. If you owe someone money they may be able to put a lien on your car so that they are paid in full.

Can a bank put a lien against your house if you cosigned on a car loan that has 1500.00 left on the loan unpaid?

Yes. The bank must get a court judgment and can then record a lien in the land records against your real estate.

Can you take out a loan on a car you don't own?

No, you can't, since you have to give up your title or authorize them to put a lien against it, you can't take out a title loan if it isn't in your name.

How do you put lien on car that you are selling to a private party?

Record lien on title- as 1st lien holder

If you have the title to your car can someone put a lien on it?

Yes, if you left it for repairs in a shop and did not pay for repairs, they can put a mechanics lien on it, also if your car was towed and you did not take it out of storage they can put a storage lien on it. Sometimes even when you finance a car if they accidentally forget to add a lien and you receive the title, they can still add the lien with the contract or agreement they have signed by you.

Can a creditor put a lien on your car?


Can a loan company put a lien on your car if its not paid off?

If the vehicle was put as collateral for the loan, there already is a lien on it.

Who can put a lien on your motor vehicle registration?

No one can get a lien against your personal vehicle except the company that financed the car and the IRS or federal government. I am a licensed in MI, AZ, CA, and NV.

How do you put a lien on a car in California?

I am buying a car and taking out a loan from a friend for down payment and the bank is financing the rest can my friend also put a lien on the car until paid back?

How do you put a car under your name if it has lien holder?

The lien holder from the previous owner needs to sign off on the sale before you can change the title. If you buy the car, but still owe money on it, you can get the title in your name with the previous owner as lienholder.

Can creditors place a lien on a corporation or LLC companies?

car creditors put a lien on an LLC

Putting a lien on your drivers license?

can a car loan company put a lien on drivers license

You have high unsecured debt can creditors get lien against your home or the equity of your home which is partially paid off?

If the creditors sue you for unpaid balance they can put a lien on your home if it is in your name.

What does it mean if there's a lien on a car title?

A lien on a car title most typically means that money is still owed on the car. When a person takes out a loan on a car a lien is put on the title until the full repayment of the loan.