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You keep the child! Abortions are NEVER the right way, there just a quick way out. But then it will always hunt you for ever. I have seen it happen and it is so sad to watch the "ex-mother" go through it. Please, don't have an abortion!

If you are ready, you keep the baby and they will have to deal with it. There is a lot of help out there for mothers. I think it is too late for an abortion. You can also chose to give the baby up for adoption. These are all big decisions you should really think about before you choose.

Please do not choose to abort this child. That choice would ruin your life more than you think having the baby will!! Did you know that for every 30-40 couples waiting to adopt only 1 infant is placed for adoption? Abortion stops a beating heart. Your baby all ready has a beating heart and measurable brain waves. All he or she needs is time to grow. Find a pro-life church. They will help you!

you need to decide if you want the child. not what your family and partner want. not what "pro-life" haters who won't be there to help want. what is best for you. first trimester is not too late to have an abortion, if that's what you want.

What I do not understand is if you were not ready why were you not on some type of Birth Control to prevent this from happening. Now that it did you have to deal with any consequences that you choose. You are the only one that will deal with it fully not your partner or your family, but you and they are not "pro-life" haters as some would say. All they care about is the baby's well being and there are multiple options that could help you. Also what she said about pro life people not being there for you is a bunch of bull because most of them will do anything to help. You can always choose what you want to do, but tell me this what is the difference between someone taking someones life with a gun or taking there life with something that rips them in pieces. I am very happy for you that you are pregnant and I beg you to really look into something before you make a decision.

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Q: If this is your first pregnancy and your family and partner are not ready but you are almost 3 months along what can you do?
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How many month is in 35 weeks of pregnancy?

it will be almost nine months of pregnancy

When do you count nine months for pregnancy?

The first day of your last period. A nine month pregnancy is nine full months. (almost 10)

I have been with my boyfriens almost 3 months he never introduce me to any of his family or friends?

If you have been with your boyfriend for almost 3 months but he has never introduced you to his family or friends, then he is seeing somebody else.

How far along is 26 weeks of pregnancy?

Pregnancy is based on a 40 week gestation, which is about 9 months. 26 weeks would mean that you are just over half finished with your pregnancy, about 5 months pregnant, and in the second (almost third) trimester. :)

What is a pregnancy trimester?

a trimester is 3 months of your pregnancy. there are 3 trimesters in a pregnancy. 1-3 months, 4-6 months, and 7-9 months.

What signs can you observe on an almost 11 months mare to confirm the pregnancy?

With only one month to in the pregnancy you should look for movement of the foal and udder changes in size.

How many years are 9000 days?

24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.24 years and almost 8 months.

How can i tell if im pregnant when i have had a period everyday for almost 5 months?

Take a pregnancy test , and if positive go to the hospital .

How many hours does implantion bleeding last?

it can last weeks, or months, or even the whole pregnancy. i had mine for almost a month.

What is the the record of the longest human pregnancy?

The longest pregnancy was 375 days along. Her pregnancy hit an almost pause after the first trimester and resumed again at 6 months. and had a healthy 6lb baby. that was in LA California. - googled it

How many months in a pregnancy?

9 months

What are the chances of being pregnant if you are on the pill and he pulls out but about 2 and a half months ago you were on some medications that would interfere with your pills?

Hello. If you had sex with your partner when you were on the medication that would interfere with your pills two and half months ago, there is a slim chance of pregnancy. But if this unprotected sex is recent there is no chance of pregnancy.

What happens if the condom pops and your on the pill but on your period?

Almost certainly nothing, in terms of pregnancy. Disease is another matter. Unless you are absolutely certain that your partner is clean, it would be a good idea to keep an eye out for STDs down the road a ways, and even get an HIV swab in about six months.

What are the chances of pregnancy if your tubes tied 10 years ago you are almost 3 months late all the symptoms of pregnancy?

The chances are zero as the tubes were cut, and there can be no chance of the sperm meeting the egg.

Is it normal to leak milk at five months of pregnancy?

is it normal to leak milk at five months of pregnancy?

What happens to an embryo during the first two months of pregnancy?

The first two months of pregnancy are the most important months of the pregnancy. The heart, brain, and other vital organs begin developing.

What is the first trimester in pregnancy?

The first three months of pregnancy

Can pregnancy last 10 months?

A normal pregnancy lasts 10 months since it's 40 weeks.

Can due date be more than nine months?

Pregnancy is measured as 40 weeks from the first day of your last period, although most people say 'nine months' which is less accurate. It can equate to almost ten calendar months.

How many months of pregnancy is 36 weeks?

9 months

How many months does a hippopotamus's pregnancy last?

8 months

How many months are 18 weeks in a pregnancy?

4 months

How many months is snooki in her pregnancy?

Snooki is 4 months

How many months left after 21weeks of pregnancy?

21 weeks is roughly 4 months pregnant, and a pregnancy lasts for roughly 9 months, so you have about 5 months to go. Generally, though, pregnancy is calculated in weeks rather than months. A pregnancy lasts for roughly 40 weeks, so you have roughly 19 weeks left to go. Congratulations.

What does 9 M of P mean?

9 M of P means 9 months of pregnancy 9 months of pregnancy