If this is your first pregnancy and your family and partner are not ready but you are almost 3 months along what can you do?


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You keep the child! Abortions are NEVER the right way, there just a quick way out. But then it will always hunt you for ever. I have seen it happen and it is so sad to watch the "ex-mother" go through it. Please, don't have an abortion!

If you are ready, you keep the baby and they will have to deal with it. There is a lot of help out there for mothers. I think it is too late for an abortion. You can also chose to give the baby up for adoption. These are all big decisions you should really think about before you choose.

Please do not choose to abort this child. That choice would ruin your life more than you think having the baby will!! Did you know that for every 30-40 couples waiting to adopt only 1 infant is placed for adoption? Abortion stops a beating heart. Your baby all ready has a beating heart and measurable brain waves. All he or she needs is time to grow. Find a pro-life church. They will help you!

you need to decide if you want the child. not what your family and partner want. not what "pro-life" haters who won't be there to help want. what is best for you. first trimester is not too late to have an abortion, if that's what you want.

What I do not understand is if you were not ready why were you not on some type of birth control to prevent this from happening. Now that it did you have to deal with any consequences that you choose. You are the only one that will deal with it fully not your partner or your family, but you and they are not "pro-life" haters as some would say. All they care about is the baby's well being and there are multiple options that could help you. Also what she said about pro life people not being there for you is a bunch of bull because most of them will do anything to help. You can always choose what you want to do, but tell me this what is the difference between someone taking someones life with a gun or taking there life with something that rips them in pieces. I am very happy for you that you are pregnant and I beg you to really look into something before you make a decision.


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it will be almost nine months of pregnancy

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The first day of your last period. A nine month pregnancy is nine full months. (almost 10)

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a trimester is 3 months of your pregnancy. there are 3 trimesters in a pregnancy. 1-3 months, 4-6 months, and 7-9 months.

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