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You should talk to your doctor about that. I don't know of any reasons why three tests in a row would be wrong. If they are all three from the same box, then maybe they were all contaminated somehow. Or if they were a super cheap kind, they may not work properly. I really can't say, but you should talk to your doctor and get more answers from them.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:53:14
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Q: If three urine test say that you are pregnant and a blood test says you are not what should you do and what else would cause three positive urine tests besides being pregnant?
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Does your pregnancy test come back positive if you have diabetes?

No, diabetes has nothing to do with being pregnant, so if your test came back positive, and you had unprotected sex, your chances of being pregnant are 100%

I am 10 days late and used a condom?

Being late can happen for all kinds of reasons besides being pregnant if you used a condom the way you should have you don't have anything to worry about.

How long after having a baby will you still test positive for being pregnant?


Can you be pregnant if first urine test says positive then have a period then urine test come back negative but shows up in blood test as being pregnant?

You should consult a doctor, see what they say.

If a pregnancy test was positive but later on in the day you have a period and you have a urinary infection what are the possibilities of being pregnant?

There is still a good chance she is pregnant.

You are 5 months pregnant you cant test positive for being pregnant?

that's because your hormone level qiuts after 3 months

Does grace have a baby on the secret life of American teenager?

I doubt she will. With Amy's mom also being pregnant, there are enough babies! Besides, Grace is on birth control which SHOULD be 99% effective.

What are the symptoms of being pregnant when you have implanon?

Symptoms of pregnancy with the contraceptive implant are a positive pregnancy test.

Is sleepiness is the symptom for being pregnant at early days of pregnancy?

Yes , but you need a positive blood test at 6 wks to be absolutely positive .

What makes woman nipples sore besides being pregnant?

Your nipple will also sore due to the hormonal change in your body.

If a 17 year old male get a 16 year old girl pregnant what are his rights?

Nothing besides being there for the girl and the baby!

What can cause you to not have your period besides being pregnant?

polycystic ovaries, stress......several things. See your Dr or gyno for a proper diagnoses.

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