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Call the claims department of your insurance company or your agent and ask!

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What causes the sound when cracking a whip?

The cracking of a whip is caused by the end of the whip going fasted that the speed of sound causing a small sonic boom.

How does cracking work?

Cracking does not work, it is the result of work which produces a force causing an object to crack. Like the earths mantle shifting to cause the earth to crack. Or the heat from the sun causing concrete to cack b ecause it dried out to fast.

If your home is settling only on one side causing damage to the slab foundation interior walls and floors with no previous problems will your home owners insurance cover the damage?

This is an easy one, NO.

Will insurance cover tree removal due to foundation damage Have lived in the for 7years and had the same insurance.?

You would have to review your policy to be certain but in most cases I would unfortunately say No, they will not pay for that. Insurance is simply there to assist you in the event that an event occurs that causes damage to your property. Typically they will consider a tree root causing damage to a foundation to be a long term event and therefore not meeting the definition of a covered loss.

What is the definition of haloclasty?

Is the process in which salt crystals form in cracks and expand causing cracking (weathering process)

Will homeowners cover a water line that springs a leak causing water to pour into the ground and shift the dwelling cracking the walls?

This could be a complex issue. Resulting damage from a plumbing system leak is generally covered. Expert opinion on the cause of wall cracking (usually excluded) may be needed to determine if the damage to the walls is directly related to the plumbing leak. Report the claim to your insurance company. //

Why do your knees crack?

Gases build up in joints and are released when the joint is used or stretched, causing the popping or cracking sound.

Why do fruit cakes crack in the oven?

I don't know for certain but I would guess as they are heated, they dry out and shrink, causing the cracking.

What is lump on left side of neck extending to back of neck cracking sounds when neck moves causing dizziness and nauseu?

Your neck, including the back portion contains lymph nodes. They may swell causing lumps. In most cases, the cracking sound is a result of muscle spasm that leads to headache or dizziness.Ê

How do succulents affect building foundations?

Succulents affect building foundations if they are planted too closely to the foundation. They can grow under the foundation causing instability.

How does unemployment effect insurance industry?

Unemployment insurance can increase the reservation wage, causing insurance prices to go higher. It makes the insurance industry overall weaker.

What metal can withstand a strong earthquake?

This is not necessarily a question of the type of metal but of the specific structures range of motion. Structures built for withstanding earthquakes often incorporate springs in the foundation of the structure which allows the foundation to move during an earthquake causing shaking but preventing the structure from suffering more catastrophic failures like cracking and buckling or total collapse which would be death sentences for all those inside.

What kind of insurance determines the value of what was destroyed or damaged by fire or other events causing loss?

This would be either your homeowners insurance or your renters insurance.

Why are your fans turning on intermitently?

When I turn my AC on sometimes they come on and sometimes dont, causing it to overheat. I checked the fans by hotwiring from the battery and they turned on everytime.

Liability insurance protects you against?

Damaging someones property or causing injury or death.

What is causing my knee to hert and make a rusty sound everytime a bent or walk?

It's most likely a degenerative joint disease and you should see your doctor.

Why is my bathroom floor sinking and tile cracking?

Almost for certain, you have water damage in your sub floor which is weakening the floor, causing it to sag, causing the tile to crack. Yes you could replace the sub floor and flooring, but find what's causing the water damages and fix that first. or a joist could be broken

Does steel have water in it?

Steel does not have water in it. any moisture present in the manufacturing process is evaporated off or broken down to form hydrogen which can then be left in the steel causing hydrogen cracking.

What happens when someones back bends and there back cracks?

air is being displaced between the pockets of each vertbrae along the spine causing a popping or cracking type noise.

Where is the best state to purchase All State Insurance in?

Each state has different minimum insurance requirements, causing insurance premiums to differ from state to state. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Iowa is the least expensive state for auto insurance, followed by North Dakota, and Idaho.

What kind of protection do environmental insurance plans provide?

Environmental insurance protects (mainly) businesses against loss from breaking environmental regulations or causing environmental damage.

Will homeowners insurance cover this My house had an addition built 2 years ago now the addition is sinking The inside of the house is cracking and leaking is spots the wall are starteing to pull away?

Call your company. Some companies do not cover shifting od the earth. What is causing the sinking? Check your policy under Perils Insured Against, and the section on Exceptions.

Why will bad car accidents cause one's insurance rates to go up?

The insurance company distrust the drivers of the community causing a fluctuation in the price of insurance due to unsafe drivers. The whole community can suffer because of this.

What is the medical term meaning infectious fungal disease that causes cracking and bleeding of the skin and is known for causing extensive itching and burning?

Tinea pedis, also known as athlete's foot, is the medical term for a fungal disease that causes cracking and bleeding of the skin, as well as itching and burning. Tinea may also affect other areas of the body, where it is less likely to cause cracking and bleeding.

What happens if i don't have insurance the day of my crash and go two court with it?

If you are guilty or are found guilty of causing the crash, your lapse of insurance will go against you. You solely will be responsible for any costs, court costs, fines, etc. And do reinstate your insurance!