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If trying to send pictures from pictures to an email address it asks for incoming pop map or HTTP server and outgoing SMTP server where is that found that info in the computer?

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August 25, 2009 3:15AM

Just found this: Go to :

Menu> Messaging> Settings> Multimedia message>

the following should be entered:

1. slide duration :5

2: Priority: normal

3:Validity Period: max

4. Delivery report: request report

5. Read report: request report

6. Auto download: Home network: auto

roaming: manual

7.Network Profile> New profile, or edit if you attempted to set up

Profile name: MMS


Internet Mode: http with proxy

Proxy Id: same as the other post:

Port Proxy: 8080

Connection: select name from Step 1: # 6 from above (name given to network set up)

Hit save!! and activate!!!

Also note for setting up network from the above comment you dont need to set up a user name or password for ** step 1 items:8 &9; nor for **step 2 items:10&11