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Just found this: Go to :

Menu> Messaging> Settings> Multimedia message>

the following should be entered:

1. slide duration :5

2: Priority: normal

3:Validity Period: max

4. Delivery report: request report

5. Read report: request report

6. Auto download: Home network: auto

roaming: manual

7.Network Profile> New profile, or edit if you attempted to set up

Profile name: MMS


internet Mode: http with proxy

Proxy Id: same as the other post:

Port Proxy: 8080

Connection: select name from Step 1: # 6 from above (name given to network set up)

Hit save!! and activate!!!

Also note for setting up network from the above comment you dont need to set up a user name or password for ** step 1 items:8 &9; nor for **step 2 items:10&11

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What is the address on a host where an application makes itself available to incoming or outgoing data?

Its a port

When an ISP gives a user the two mail server addresses smtpmyISPnet which address should be used for incoming mail and which ahould be used for outgoing mail? is for outgoing mail is for incoming mail

What number is the address on a host where an application makes itself available to incoming or outgoing data?


Number is the address on a host where an application makes itself available to incoming or outgoing data?

port number

Make sure your compl?

Make sure your complete email address in the incoming and outgoing server settings.

Source number is the address on a host where an application makes itself available to incoming or outgoing data?

False - Port Number is the address on the host.

What is a pop3 account?

POP3 refers to the email settings needed by an email program (such as Outlook) to retrieve emails from the email server. POP3 settings include the address of the incoming and outgoing mail servers, user name and password, security settings and incoming and outgoing port numbers.

What is the name of the IP address assigned for the current connection only?

When you are opening ports to allow incoming connections to your computer, your computer must be assigned a static internal IP address, to ensure that the incoming connections always go to the correct computer.

Live mail outgoing mail server?

The Incoming Server is The Outgoing Server is If you want to find out your school/works Pop address and your using a mac: Simply log in and ask keychain to remember your details. Then go into keychain and vola, the Incoming and Outgoing servers are there. This also works on other types of addresses other than POP

When an isp gives a user the two mail server addresses smtpmyispnet and popmyispnet which address should be used for incoming mail and which should be used for outgoing mail? retrieves end out should be used for outgoing mail and should be used for incoming mail.

How do you upload pictures from your phone to the computer?

Send it to your email address.

How do you send ntelos pictures from your phone to your computer?

If you have the USB cord for the phone and the appropriate drivers installed on your computer you can transfer the pictures. If not, if you have an email address you can send the pictures as a picture message to your email address (put your email address where the phone number you would be sending it to goes) and you can email them to yourself!

How to find the source address of incoming email?

You cannot find the source address of the incoming mail. You can find the email address of sender. But you cannot find the complete address of the source.

Ovi Mail settings for outlook express?

These are the settingsIncoming email:User name: you@ovi.comPassword: *****Incoming mail server: imap.mail.ovi.comMailbox type: IMAP 4Security (ports) SSL/TLSPort: DefaultOutgoing email:My email address: username@ovi.comUser name: username@ovi.comPassword: *****Outgoing mail server: smtp.mail.ovi.comSecurity (ports): SSL/TLSPort: Default

What is the hotmail POP server and port?

The other person is wrong: there is a POP3 server, which you can access with email clients * Incoming mail server: Outgoing mail server:[your hotmail address} Port: 587

What is the address of Merrill Lynch Insurance Company Transfer Department for incoming and outgoing funds?

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management 10500 NE 8 Street, 7th Floor, Suite 750 Belevue, WA 98004

How do you block incoming packets spoofed on your address?

do not give out your home address foolishly

How do you write inmates?

It depends on where they are incarcerated. In the state of TX, find the address on the TDCJ website of which Unit the inmate is assigned. If you have their inmate number and their housing address, this helps. You must include a return address on the outside of the envelope. Some mail is not acceptable such as cards with dangly things that can be considered contraband. All incoming and outgoing mail is scanned for content.

Is there a way that you can get pictures from a blackberry pearl to my computer without a media card and if so how?

Email the pics to your email address from your phone.

What is AOL's pop3 server?

The settings are similar for most of the email applications. The basic information you need is as follows:Your email address: to include the or whatever yours is)Incoming mail (IMAP) server address: mail (SMTP) server address:; port: 587Your user name for AOL (i.e.screen name)Your password for AOL

How can one access a Gmail account using Outlook?

Accessing a Gmail account using Outlook is a complicated process that involves modifying both the incoming and outgoing email servers once in Outlook. A more detailed description of the process can be found on Email Address Manager.

How do you send pictures from your computer to your email?

Youll have a button that says email and it click it and then it will have you type in your email address and it will sent it to your email account

What can I do to stop half my outgoing emails using Yahoo from coming back failure notice?

Put a valid address on the outgoing mail and it will go through fine.

What are hubs and bridges in computer networks?

A hub is a device that transmits data out all interfaces expect the incoming interface. If you have an incoming frame from fa0/1, that frame will be sent out all other ports on the hub. When those frames reach the NIC of the PC's, they will discard it if it is not destined for their MAC address.

What addressing information is recorded by a switch to build its MAC address table?

the source Layer 2 address of incoming frames